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2B 28 3, 4:46am

if anything, this comic (and the journal of pilot in it) reveals us something:


1. captain is/was a woman, from germany

2. captain took a plane/jet with pilot and threw the atomic-bomb into eureka-city, thus trying to destroy ANNET, but eventually killing ONLY the millions of the ''connected'' citizens (since ANNET immobilised all the ''connected'' citizens in order to evaluate the situation, aka the ''coffee spilled on the mega cube'' event)

3. pilot used to have such a connection mind device, like everyone in eureka did...
but after the ''pineapple'' event, he obviously lost his ''tiara'', and with it, his (insurance assasin) old self.
however, if i can judge from pilot's words, before being a DEX, he was (obviously) a pilot, since he flew a plane to ''atomize'' eureka city.

4. THE ''palace in the sky'', is possibly the moon-base where engie holds his brain saved in a hard-drive.

good comic, and it brings forth many solutions to old riddles.