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211 26 1, 5:09am

Heeeey got an idea here:

What if Captain is Unconnectable like Snippy and can, as him, disrupt the broadcast signal, except that he/she has actually mastered its powers to do so? That could explain why the mug is always innactive when Captain is close, but as soon as they get separated, it opens it's eye-thing or starts talking...

For example:

- In entries 93, 95, 97, the mug is talking to other Annet interfaces. Maybe the simple act of leaving the mug alone allowed Annet bots to locate it and with it, the rest of the crew... something that could not be done while Captain was there.
- In entry 98, the mug talks to Snippy, but as soon as Captain gets close in entry 100, it becomes silent.
- In entry 117, with Captain far, far away, Snippy talks to the mug and it responds inmediatly, firin its lazor.

- After that, the mug is always with Captain, and never shows any sign of being animated again...

- Until now, that Captain loses it in the storm. They get separated... and the mug wakes again.

As for why the mug interacts with Snippy despite also being able to disrupt the signal, I think it's because Snippy only does it when he is annoyed, and he doesn't control the interference ("I have to keep you annoyed. As long as you are very annoyed, the scanners can't see us." - Entry 197); and in every situation he faces the mug, he is surprised, or disconcerted.