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114 18 1, 12:46am

So... I'm dropping my head cannon here.

Engie created this future after learning the power of the R/ protocol, or "the word". He learns it after shutting down Annet, but needs to be visited by Echo to first reunite his body and his mind. Pilot then needs to be repaired after being killed, and Kittyhawk will help him get his old corrupted memories back. This way he will tell Engie that Annet actually creates whatever he asks her.

Lifealope is now the life walkers that seed the world.

Biomatrix seems to have incorporated Annet's backup of human minds and repopulated the world. Engie educated a group of these new beings in to becoming admins and mods, shaping the world with the R/ "word". However, since times change and things like cars and computers get forgotten and no longer make sense in the new medieval era, they fail to have a proper understanding of the network that is now humanity's new home... what happened? why did even the admins forget about their reality?

I don't know what is Snippy's role, appart from its symbiosis with the Biomass. Maybe he learns to use its power to protect the group and take down the remaining overlords, like this Glakr Bell guy, the G-Director overlord from sector 9: Paris.

Captain... well, it set this whole thing in motion. I still feel like its the purple eyed unconnectable rebel, turned into a singularity after Engie asked Annet to look for a lucky person who could trascend time and whatsoever.

And the botomless chalice, The Mug... who knows. It has being called dimensional anchor if I recall correctly. Maybe it needs to exist to keep the world from dissolving after all the temporal and spacial mess unleashed by Annet's users, like the guy who first asked for a temporal watch...