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203 18 11, 10:52pm

@clix1500 Get rid of Biomatrix? I don't think he got rid of him. He just put him in his place and restarted his heart. If anything this makes him more likely to reproduce seeinng as he can now take his clothes off. Honestly though, I think following this line of thought is pointless because every question or theory we've ever had usually gets thrown out the window with new information every Saturday. But I have to ask you, what do you think of the desychronization? I personally love it as (let's be honest here) it makes Snippy have something to offer. Captain is clearly able to do pretty much everything except be "normal" (who honestly wants that anyway?), Gromov is a genius, Pilot was/is a semihuman robotic assassin/"debt collector"/private investigator, and though it was hinted at in journal 15 that there is something exceptional about Charles, this desynchronization is something that is enirely his own. Plus it pays to not have to eat and worry about radiation poisoning/just getting stabbed (he gets stabbed/impaled a LOT).