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185 6 9, 11:45am

Hm ok this comic clarifies some things.

1) We know where Gromov's mind is! In the backup server on the moon. I am feeling a second Space Race with some sort of rocket launch in the future that makes his brain retrieval possible. (That mysterious overlord dude's intervention is also likely; he could be located on the moon.)

2) Captain has a lot more power than we thought - like control of space and time. That explains why he can get so much stuff done and have conversations with seemingly dead things; it's because he's actually talking to them across space and time.

3) The people of the world, or at least their memories, are not lost. They were still backed up on Annie (and presumably on the moon, too) before her death, which we know from the Pilot/Snippy battle where she was able to somewhat reanimate the skeletons. Now we see it even more clearly here as Echo's presence awakens them to the point where they have muscle and can talk, rather than m-text. A little scarier but also good to know. Everyone's not (completely) dead! Yay!
(This makes more sense if you read Echo's paragraph with "people" in place of "apple seeds" and "store" instead of "plant.")

4) The existential door is real. ⊙___⊙