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190 11 8, 8:43am

Suggestions: I kind of want to know about the 1% terrorists. The insurance company thought Snippy was the leader, but who was it really? Also Snippy has admitted to sabotaging Annets servers, right? So does that make him one of them? Why were they trying to bomb the hospital? They must of had some incredible hacking skills/plain old breaking abilities to completely over ride/destroy the neural receiver and etc. Where'd they pick that up? And when the core was finally damaged and all the people connected to Annet became her virtual puppets, what the hell were they doing then? Celebrating, hiding-could it be that the people left over in the G cube when Snippy got captured-WAS THAT THEM OR THE PEOPLE GROMOV LEFT BEHIND?!

Also more Snippy past and black god, please? Thank you. :3
PS how's Captains war on morality going? Have the overlords considered stopping the shrinking universe thing?