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178 11 8, 2:46am

@Zaci go read the last entry (Jenkins Klauss story) and maybe you'll agree with me ont he following:

I believe this is how the Eureka mega-city/continent worked.

- Want to be happy? Want to connect with others in new, awesome ways? Join the ANNET.
- Welcome to the ANNET! All your thoughts have been copyrighted, along with the rest of reality.
- Don't you worry it's all for your Good! In fact, you won't worry again, since our new G-Directorate Worryiness app will prevent such emotions. 5000 credits have been discounted.
- Running out of credits? Work for us, and invest in our products! Lend us your body, so that you can make moar credits in your sleep!
- Your basic needs, you say? Oh, we've got drones to care of you, and there's always a DEX to take care of the boring stuff. Look at all this time to purchase! Your mind was never free-er to be happy! That's the Good smile we like to see! (100 credicts deducted per use of facial muscles).

- Warning: you've ran out of credits. It's fine. ANNET is so full of oportunities, it's hard not to waste all at once, right?

- Surprised in inappropiate use of ANNET's services? Someone sued you for whatever-randomreasonyouhavenoideaof? Made unauthorized use of your voice to communicate in public/private space? You don't have credits for a lawyer. Your account will be terminated. Please wait while we erase your memories and send our drone to retrieve your fleshy remnants.

*Factory time*

Iniciating "Janitor" program...
- Good-day, DEX 12603. You have been asigned *insert sector here* to perform your tasks for the following 800 cycles.

Soomething like that. And that, boys and girls, is how you turn in to a SE- er I mean DEX "slave" (a thing that used to be human but is now an useful android so nobody really cares) at the service of the Network.