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185 28 6, 3:14am

@Caddie: yes, i think you are 100% correct!

the captain has indeed spoken in the very long past in the comic strip' #2' with 'steve' the skeleton, and they ''spoke'' about the moon, and they also talked about the moon landings that were true, and that despite captains theory about ''fake moon missions'', ''every evidence shows otherwise'', and ends up in captain punching steve the skeleton.

so i have 2 theories about this:

1. the captain murdered ''steve'' the skeleton in the past, and he did it so that he can hide the evidence of the moon base in which humans have hidden the backup servers, and in order to destroy them by him/herself....


2. ''steve'' the skeleton was murdered by the group 1% (a terrorist group that was not scannable via ANNET, and thus wanted to ''free'' mankind by destroying ANNET, and ultimately they ended up killing the whole mankind. morons.)

captain was a witness of this horrendous crime, and thus, he either remembers the currect conversation, OR he sensed the whole thing when he arrived on the spot and he/she recreated the whole dialogue from scratch.

so, the captain is either a collaborator with teh terrorists of the group 1%, OR a witness of the crime.

both seem quite interesting, as the captain follows no side, and he/she is an awesome person.

i like where this comic is going.

also, thanks alexius for drawing such a sexy villain/hero.
she seems to be an OK personality, despite her slightly menacing appearrance.

very good, very good, i am anxiously waiting for more!