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Journal time!


We fell together as the building collapsed around us, Pilot still pushing hard against my blunt trowel. I almost imagined that I saw blue tendrils creeping like smoke from his helmet. As the synthetic concrete burned with a vigorous yellowish-red flame, the walls around us started to develop an unhealthy tilt as we continued falling in slow motion.

Suddenly, the two of us smacked into a wall and the next thing I knew was that I was tumbling over a burning street, with Pilot zooming after me in hot pursuit. The broken skyscraper which we had just fell from lurched ominously over us and seemed about to topple over when it decided instead to settle in place on a neighbouring building.

Just then, I noticed a broken steel beam jutting out into the chasm below me. I willed my way towards it and managed to grab it in the nick of time with my free arm. I watched as Pilot swam in a graceful arc towards me, swing his blade at me and miss by the narrowest of margins as I flinched. As he fell past me, he made a last desperate lunge at me.

I felt as sudden tug on my left foot. I glanced down, and I saw Pilot grasping my shoelace with all his might. Below him, the burning city glimmered menacingly.

Our gazes locked.

"I DEMAND A DO-OVER!" he bellowed.

Silly Pilot, I thought. Now, if only I could just find out what Captain was up to.