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167 23 1, 2:44am

@multilis, i am afraid you are wrong. usually red means passion and love, but in ANNET's case, it means that she wants to kill him.
watch comic' #65'. ANNIE says to alex grommov AKA ''engie'' to ''let her HUG him'', like the way she ''hugged'' all the officers in the area.
she slayed them all.
except from ''engie'', because he's the admin of this program, and his rank makes him, um, ''unkillable'' to ANNIE. in short, he is not allowed to be killed by ANNET, in any circumstances.
due to his rank.

so, if ANNET says to you let me HUG and KISS you...
run away. fast.

good comic tho, it has everything, from humour, to drama, to horror, and its very cool.
nice work, alexius!