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156 23 1, 1:52am

@dkkauwe, ''stalky'' is a soldier who have strangely survived the nuclear climate/nuclear winter, and he/she has gone through the wastelands, in order to find survivors and supplies.

but after some months, he/she fell in a hole and his/her gas mask broke, and thus, stalky got infected with the nuclear gas and he/she got pink-eyes, and a strange pink-gas-thingy emmiting from his/her mouth.
probably by radiation.

he/she then quietly sneaks up in zee captains base, and falls in love with zee captain. captain thinks that this is snippy, and thus, spends some time with stalky.
but when captain discovers that stalky is not snippy, then he attacks stalky, and call it ''a stalky stalker'' thus giving it his/her name.

and then, stalky, to please the captain, tried to make slippers out of the lifealope, by killing it and using its fur to make those slippers, so that he/she can give them to captain as a gift.

but lifealope beat the s**^t out of stalky, and accessed his/her memories, and thus, knows all of his/her past.
and we also know.

but what happened to stalky after that, is completely unknown.

unf. that was hard. someone give me a cake.