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Topic: What's On Your Mind #93 10 months ago #9391368          

Nooooooooooooooo!!! Why are there upvotes and downvotes?! No one other than me will upvote my comments!!

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Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 10 months ago #9395253          



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Fishy Situation 9 months ago #9402965          

And then there's Finland, who beat the shit out of Russia by themselves, beat the shit out of Russia with the aid of Germany, and then beat the shit out of Germany.

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Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 10 months ago #9395000          

Ok, I'll try to upvote this comment a bunch of times just because I'm bored

UPDATE: gave up

Brightest Sheep in the Field 10 months ago #9394457          

Actually.. at least some of the time, what happens is a ram has a paint pad strapped to his belly, then he's released into a field of ewes.
The farmer knows which ewes are pregnant by the fact they have bright paint spots on their back.


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Topic: test of nest and votes 10 months ago #9394272          

@Dayvi Maybe you could add a system that won't allow you to vote on a comment more than once. Actually, you probably should...
Self votes should also be disallowed.

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Topic: NEW nested comments 10 months ago #9391219          

I really appreciate all the hard work you're doing for this site, I do. That said, could we please get rid off the nesting comments and go back to how things used to be?

The Exorcism 2 months ago #9474162          

Brother Finland comes from the school of thoughth which emphasises the need to create a hole for the impure demonic essence to leave the body. The more holes, the faster the demon leaves the body.

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Banana Republic 9 months ago #9398024          

This comic really separates the innocent readers from others.


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The joy of giving 5 months ago #9437054          

Despite this lovely gesture, there's some real bad blood between Finland and Norway.

It's called Swedes.

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Looking for a new home 8 months ago #9407074  

I'll just leave this here and wait for the downvotes from the "moral highground" people.

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Looking for a new home 9 months ago #9406484          

We will trade you 10,000 refugees for one Trump.

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Topic: Let us hear your accents!!! 9 months ago #9400315          

@Finn123 nice upvoting your own comment 16 times btw XD

Manners are important 2 months ago #9465849          

Finnish people stare you silently until you hand the ketchup. If you hand the mustard instead, they'll stab you and keep staring you until you hand the ketchup.

In some parts of Finland they might stab you before staring. Just in case, to avoid misunderstanding.

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Topic: General Help Thread 3 months ago #9461538          

Dear mods and Dayvi, could you please help me and a few others who want to get rid of that creepy person that is flyingbanana? (which is his, what? 4th? 5th? 6th account?)
I wanted to leave the forums until he disappears but the guy likes to play the obsessed man with emotional issues from a shitty romantic novel (you get the idea of the character) and never goes aways.

Thanks in advance.

PS : I think Creazyman was less bothersome than him.

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Sheepish Food Cravings 4 months ago #9446542          

Mary has a rotten lamb
that fills me with disgust.
She, though, likes the putrid taste;
her stomach's quite robust.

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Topic: Let us hear your accents!!! 9 months ago #9400329          

[quote]This is coming from someone who thinks people need to be less butthurt[/quote]

[quote]who thinks it's perfectly fine to post offensive comments and images about a contentious subject like Islam[/quote]

I have no clue what you're talking about, I don't remember posting any islam related images, nor have I ever posted anything offensive about islam either. Besides, even if had, it wouldn't be any worse than the trolling of Smithi and Svenskefan since they're obviously both looking to annoy. :P

In case you thought I was offended by something here, I am not, since I am inoffendable. It just occured to me that if you can't allow <i>innocent jokes</i> about the arabic phrase for "god is great", you can't allow <i>intentionally provocative</i> mongol slurs either.

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Two ways about it 5 months ago #9443151          

This is an oldie, but I think it belongs here.

Weather effects in Finland and rest of the World:
+15c Spanish wear caps, gloves and winter coats, Finns are sunbathing.
+10c French desperately try to get their central heating on. Finns plant flowers.
+5c Italian cars won't start. Finns drive with convertibles.
... 0c Pure water freezes. Water in river Vantaa thinkens a bit.
-5c First people are found frozen in California. Finnish midsummer festival ends.
-10c Scottish turn the heat on in their houses. Finns start to use long-sleeve shirts.
-20c Swedes stay indoors. Finns are having last barbeque before winter.
-30c Half of the Greek people have frozen to death. Finns start to dry their laundry indoors.
-40c Fake Santas are moving to south. Finnish army cancels winter training due to warm weather.
-50c Daninsh people are loosing their teeth. Finns rent movies and stay indoors.
-60c Polarbears evacuate North Pole. Finnish army starts its winter training.
-70c Siberian people are moving to Moscow. Finns are furious since the Koskenkorva can't be stored outdoors anymore.
-273c ABsolute Zero. Finns admit that it is quite cold outside.
-300c Hell freezes over. Finland wins soccer World Cup.

P.S. Personally I feel that in the last remark it would've sufficed to claim that Finland qualifies to the competition. Then again, according to the logic of the joke, other people probably would have perished already, so the win would be inevitable.

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Force was needed 6 months ago #9432241          

"Great Queen, should we send our army to the warzones in the world, to help dealing with tyrants and madmen?"
- "Nay!"
"Then should we send them to poor places to help the local population deal with hunger and diseases?"
- "Nay!"
"Then, Great Queen, to whence should we send our armies?"
- "We bid You to stay the army in our country, for it shall help us deal with an ancient enemy which is about to attempt an invasion yet again."
"I bow to your wisdom, but may I inquire which age old enemy? Is it the Germans? Or the French? Or Irel-"
- "Nay, it is the RAIN!"

And thus, England bade its mighty armies to use its power to combat the rain.

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Force was needed 6 months ago #9431827          

Can you prove that it ISN'T what they used the army for?

Home protection 8 months ago #9412202          

As an America it is very important to keep your drugs OUTSIDE of your gun. A pound of crack really messes with the loading chamber.

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Topic: The 8th selfie thread (NIL): 9 months ago #9401670          

@waffledinosaur @Aurinkolasit
Finally! A little girl that i can stalk and send nasty emails to! My evil plan develops further, soon i will become the most creepy guy in ze world!!!

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Topic: Finland denial thread 9 months ago #9400910          

@SvalTheBard Please provide proof.


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Viking Blood 7 months ago #9422568          

Once upon a time, our ancestors sailed to England to rape the women and plunder the rich. Nowadays, we just send our sperm by air mail, and the English people pays up when we send them the bills.

We have indeed evolved - much easier, less screaming and more profitable. What's not to like? ^_^

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Adult kindergarteners 8 months ago #9413452          

Now wait just a minute! Threatening people with guns to do what we want is OUR thing!

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Topic: Truth and False 2 9 months ago #9403283          

@RognvaldsKin You can actually talk to animals in Germany, and soon, in most EU countries! No, I don't see the need in talking to them, sorry.

There are many more important refugees to choose from, why not Tibetan refugees? Three logical arguments, please.


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Fishy Situation 9 months ago #9402879          

Almost as effective as opening a can of surströmming...

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Topic: Associations 9 months ago #9401412          

Swedish military


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Topic: Associations 9 months ago #9400365          

<del>sweden</del> religion

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Topic: Let us hear your accents!!! 9 months ago #9400305          

'@Svenskefan' "mongolfinn"

This is horrible racism, since Finns are not mongols and calling Finns such is basically looking to insult and cause havoc. Basically the same if you said that Germans are all just "[url=]N-word[/url]"s. :no:

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