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Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 3 minutes ago #9356496        

Not often, but we do a lot of drills.

Small Talk 3 minutes ago #9356495        

I'm not surprised that he can talk. I'm surprised that he actually spoke English. So far he's only said "Perkele" and something about "I love you" in Finnish.


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Small Talk 9 minutes ago #9356494        

This is absolutely true. In Finland people rarely talk with strangers anywhere except in Sauna.


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Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 10 minutes ago #9356493        

@Australian-Person does that happen?

Small Talk 12 minutes ago #9356492        

I bet it is just Germany getting revenge for all those times Denmark played pranks on him and Japan. There way Finland can talk.

World View 14 minutes ago #9356491        

@Mecharic Three continents, you mean? North, Central and South America.

@chiara: Guyana speaks English, French Guyana speaks French, Suriname speaks Dutch, and in Paraguay Guarani is also an official language, side by side with Spanish. And I believe only 3 countries (Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominical Republic) out the 28 in the Caribbean (which is in Central America) speak Spanish. Don't forget our friends. :-)
You do have a point about only one speaking Portugese, although if you drop a stone in South America from space, you get about 48% probability of it landing in Brazil, anyway ;-)

Small Talk 19 minutes ago #9356490        

*falls out of chair* he actually uttered three complete sentences D:

Small Talk 23 minutes ago #9356489        

Haha for some reason I read his voice in a really deep manly voice oO
But most of the male finns I know have really deep voices so xD

Small Talk 31 minutes ago #9356488        

OH MY FUCK....What? Woooow! *too speechless to even think*

Small Talk 40 minutes ago #9356487        

XD silly Nordics, small talk's for Finns!

Nuclear Bombs 42 minutes ago #9356486        

@vexillo you do not.
Besides, we would have more nukes than you if we had one. Xþ


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219 44 minutes ago #9356485        

@ratdragon Could kitty hawk be a DEX 0.0


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Small Talk 45 minutes ago #9356484        

This is just so good!... I live in a foreign country at the moment and it happens regularly that someone has been just trying to find something to talk about to kill time while waiting people etc. while I just answer "mmm" or "yeah" or simply nod...until I realize how uncomfortable they are and try to also start talking about pointless small talk stuff...which makes me feel uncomfortable :D

Competitive Sport 45 minutes ago #9356483        

Poor faroes! XD


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Topic: The Swiss Chocolate Shop (part 2) 59 minutes ago #9356482        

I am tired of my life...

Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356481        

Lock down is if, say, a criminal or a guy with a guy come into school property. You lock the door and try and stay out of site.

Topic: Truth and False 2 1 hour ago #9356480        

@NerdyDane I fractured my toe when I was ten.

Have you read "I Am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai? (I have. It's a powerful book.)


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Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356479        

@Australian-Person what's the lock down?


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Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356478        

@Dee avenger came out here the 23, so it is :) maybe I should see it.

Autocorrect must have made it eldorado, it's just Dorado really it's so thing like this
I'm not that good, but I like to think I'm on my way


Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356477        

You have bomb alarms in Denmark? All we have are the fire alarm and the lock down


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Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356476        

@Australian-Person first Wedness day in May we always test the Danish bomb alarm, pretty noisy thing.

Small Talk 1 hour ago #9356475        


Topic: A chinwag with Australian-Person 1 hour ago #9356474        

Communication method added

Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356473        

Bomb siren?!


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Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356472        

Now the bomb siren is on...


Topic: In the hall of NerdyDane 1 hour ago #9356471        

@NerdyDane - ND!

Well, I had to look up Team Gym; it seems like it's this:

I couldn't find what eldorado was, though. Please enlighten me! :D I had to look up Air Track, as well. Most of the stuff at the gym I do is pretty standard; cardio and weight training. I run at least one Half Marathon per year. (I'm too busy and too much of a weenie to do a complete 26.2 miles!!) Have you been doing Team Gym for awhile?

Well, radishes and apples sounds like a funny mix to me. It might be perfectly normal to you Danes!!! (Over here, you can buy what they call "baby carrots" which are small bite-sized carrots ready to eat. I don't know if they're sold elsewhere or if we Americans are just that lazy! The one thing that annoys me about carrots is that they take forever to chew!!!) ) :D Radishes, huh? A bag of radishes....... *perplexed* ;)

Yeah, I usually prefer darker-haired men but that Aussie as Thor is magnificent!!!


Small Talk 2 hours ago #9356470        

... I literally didn't recognize him at first *because* he talked!

Small Talk 2 hours ago #9356469        

We need an animation of this!


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Small Talk 2 hours ago #9356468        

So from now on Finland only talks in saunas but never outside saunas? (except the word perkele, of course)

Which brings to my mind, I wanna see a sauna comic of the female characters too.
I want sister Finland to speak.

Actually it'd make sense if Brother Finland was the only mute one, females here tend to be more talkative.


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Topic: No particular need, but why not? 2 hours ago #9356467        

@filkerdave #9356232
Oh, danke!

Eigentlich wollte ich damit sagen dass mein Englisch schlechter wird wenn ich müde bin.