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Flag Day Every Day 1 minute ago #9293321        

@Rhodri On that part, I have to disagree. Patriotism is a moderate ideology. It is usually associated with the middle or central right wing and Conservatism (here in Europe) but actually, if you remove the national part from the ideology, moderate left-wingers are just as patriotistic as right-wingers. (Social democrats, for example. Socialists rather focus on the internationality of class connections)

Patritotism is actually a very noble belief, it's an altruistic love for the country that enables the citizen to not just follow the rules and do his or her best to contribute to the welfare of the whole of society but also, commit huge self-sacrifices when the country needs them. The need of the many outweighs the need of the individual.



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Flag Day Every Day 8 minutes ago #9293320        

@Mothy Sorry mate, I have to agree with Rhodri there. Altough nationalism in its original form was the same idea as liberalism and modernism (Some 150-200 years ago) the world changed. From the 20th century, we consider the altruistic love, civilian self-sacrifice for one's country Patriotism and the extreme form of this, (a strong belief in the superiority of one's nation with intolerant elements) Nationalism.

It's like moderate left-wing socialists are different from radical furthest right Marxist communists.


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Flag Day Every Day 13 minutes ago #9293319        

@Mothy Both Patriotism and Nationalism are ideologies, one is more extreme than the other. No need to attempt to correct me when what you said is fundamentally the same as what I said.


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Topic: What's on your mind #77 17 minutes ago #9293318        

Damn, what do I do for three hours?
I don't really feel like reading this early in the morning.......
I probably am going to do exactly that though...


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Topic: What's on your mind #77 27 minutes ago #9293317        

Cool, I got woken up for no reason...
Now I've got some extra hours of time on my hands...
Hehe....I noticed my mumbling responses when getting woken up by my mother
change depending on what I'm currently most interested in...
I just mumble responded to "Come on, we don't have much time!"
with "Why does she care so much, we can just go back in time!"
Incredible! :XD:


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Flag Day Every Day 33 minutes ago #9293316        

@Rhodri Nationalism is a belief, creed or political ideology that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to, one's nation. Not to be confused with fundamentalist extremism (like the Nazis).

Topic: National animal! 36 minutes ago #9293315        

Australia is, I believe, the only nation in the world that regularly eats its national animal (the kangaroo.) We eat our national bird (emu) too, but much less often.

Topic: Ask anything about Palestine 39 minutes ago #9293314        

@palestine_yazan I just remembered the Palestinian land loss maps.

Just Google "Incredible Shrinking Palestine" to find simmilar maps. One link sells cards to use as pamphlets explaining the issue.

How will the shrinking get reversed especially with all the isolated piece of land under Palestinian control in the West Bank and Gaza?

Topic: Where is this? [guessing game] 45 minutes ago #9293313        

(There are 13 countries that haven't been picked yet in Europe, with 39 picked already.)

Topic: Where is this? [guessing game] 47 minutes ago #9293312        

@mewmewcupake Is it Lithuania?


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Flag Day Every Day 52 minutes ago #9293311        


Nationalism shouldn't be confused with Patriotism.

A nationalist is an extremist in their support of their country, a patriot simply loves his country.

Topic: Why Finland is so angry ? 57 minutes ago #9293310        

I know some linguists did research into the speed that different nationalities speak, especially looking at the length of time people take to answer, and things like how frequently people interrupt and how rude it is considered. They found that the Finns left the biggest gap of silence between one person speaking and another person responding. To non-Finns, apparently it sounds uncomfortably weird (I may be misremembering, but I think it was something like 90-300 seconds, i.e. 1 1/2 to 5 minute gaps) but to Finns, to reply more quickly sounds rude, implying that you don't think the conversation or the question is worth thinking about. So I can understand the stereotype of Finland being silent except for the odd swear word.

Topic: Things You Would Miss From Your Country 1 hour ago #9293308        

@Amerikhastan I think that It's only really the UK, India, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Southern Africa that drive on the left hand side...

Flag Day Every Day 1 hour ago #9293307        

Thanks for the links to 'blood beech' people provided. I've never heard of it and Google didn't return it when I searched, though I got a few mentions of 'copper beech' which looks more purple.

I keep cracking up over the look on Denmark's face in the last panel.

Topic: Things You Would Miss From Your Country 1 hour ago #9293306        

@sneachda All sorts of places. :) Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Germany, Portugal, India etc.
(New Zealand comes under European descent mostly, they are a large portion of the people here, although about 5% of our population was born in Britain)

Wikipedia, reliable source that it is, says that Australia and Switzerland are the two countries with the largest proportion of residents born elsewhere.


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Topic: Eurovision, seriously? 1 hour ago #9293305        

@EricTheRedAndWhite in Spain it's a clichè, all the "the northeuropeans can't have fun and they are all dead serius allways". I'm sorry I offended you, it wasn't my intention, I'm used to make fun of each other in, what we think is, an innocent way but never thoght that it can be missinterpretated in another cultures and be not so innocent for them.

Topic: Beautiful names 1 hour ago #9293304        

@sneachda Hehehehe!

Topic: Beautiful names 1 hour ago #9293303        

@Cakeofdoom Yes.

Flag Day Every Day 2 hours ago #9293302        

few countries, yes. but the US is one of those few XD

Topic: City of Fallen Angels - Redemption 5 2 hours ago #9293301        

@MeddlingAmerican (Sorry, finals. Yeah, sounds good, though Jaze would still probably know Axel at least by word of mouth.)


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Topic: @Filipa 2 3 hours ago #9293300        

@filkerdave #9293188
You're welcome. If you have any other questions, you can ask me. If I don't know the answer, I'll do some quick research. I'm on vacation now, so I'll have time to do stuff.


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Flag Day Every Day 3 hours ago #9293299        

@Parkhave Drool...i miss real european food...sigh... There are good things in America, like Barbecue, and sweet potatoes, dont get me wrong. But damn, what I wouldn't give for some good bread, or cheese, or beer, or sausage...


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Topic: @Filipa 2 3 hours ago #9293298        

Some are part of the Catholic Bible, and some are part of the Orthodox Bible. But they're called deuterocanonical writings then (because "apocryphal" is demeaning) and their belonging in the main canon isn't discussed anymore: they are not canon and they are only accepted by those two main churches, because of tradition.
Protestants and other branches of Christianism do not accept such writings.

Topic: Proudswede chat 10 3 hours ago #9293297        

Wow i really love how when you scroll through facebook all the videos automatically play no matter if you want to see them or not so that you can see all the disgusting videos without even clicking on them!

Topic: Ask anything about Palestine 3 hours ago #9293296        

I'm just glad to see we have this thread. :) A debate is healthy when both sizes can give their input.

@palestine_yazan Do you have hopes that the settlements will stop one day? What is your opinion about the situation in Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque?


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Topic: Blood Colour 4 hours ago #9293295        

I got Cerulean....?

Topic: Beautiful names 4 hours ago #9293294        

@mewmewcupake #9293280
Someone else who loves Adelaide! 0.0 I LOVE this name. I find it so pretty and sophisticated. Not a lot of people I know like it. That's why I'm surprised.

@Fritz17 #9293124
YES! Madison for a boy. I'm over the Madison trend for little girls. It's a cute name. It's the trend that I find annoying.

I usually like old and classic names (not judging other names, it's just my personal taste). Most of my favorite names are also French, but to my excuse, I AM a French-speaker so I don't choose these names to sound fancy.
For example, for a girl: Charlotte, Françoise, Juliette, Eulalie, Béatrice, Adélaide, Marianne.
For boys: Thomas, Henri, Florian, Hubert, Matthias, Édouard (french spelling*).

Flag Day Every Day 4 hours ago #9293293        

Come to think of it: Are there any decorative trees or shrubs yet with red-and-white leaves the same way there are some with green-and-white leaves? Maybe really a goal to breed for.

Until then, does this explain rødgrød med fløde as well?

Happy holidays!

Topic: Share your favourite Christmas songs 4 hours ago #9293292        

I love Christmas music! :3 Here are some French christmas music for you.

''Minuit Chrétien'' is the original version of ''Holy Night'', here sung by Canadian tenor Richard Verreau. A true classic. I'm not even religious, but this song gives me chills every time.

''Le Noel des petits oiseaux'' (i.e Christmas for the little birds) is such a sweet song. I love it because it talks about spring and the sun that will come back after the dark nights. :3

''Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas'', by the amazing and incomparable Judy Garland. This one if not in French but it is literally my favorite version. Frank Sinatra's version is nice, but it doesn't emulate the same sorrow. Judy's voice sends shivers down my spine.

Flag Day Every Day 4 hours ago #9293291        

You may take our lives but you will never take our FLAG!!!

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