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Topic: Truth or False 5 minutes ago #9343222        


Are you diurnal?

Topic: Truth or False 9 minutes ago #9343221        

@Australian-Person Nope!

Do you read a lot?


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Topic: Truth or False 11 minutes ago #9343220        

Yes, water.

Were you alive when the USSR was around.


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Topic: Ask about Russia (part 2) 20 minutes ago #9343219        

@MeddlingAmerican #9343149
Did not see that, though I did see signs in shops and shuttle buses forbidding entrance to B. Obama, J. Psaki et nec plus ultra


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Real True News 21 minutes ago #9343218        

Well you learn something new everyday. :P


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Topic: Meroni's Laboratory 39 minutes ago #9343217        

Make dark matter?


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Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall 42 minutes ago #9343216        

Weird stuff? Black honey is molasses, you know.
I though you might use it to make mead. That's just the kind of gifts I usually give.
I was trying to be nice.

Topic: the way you say it 54 minutes ago #9343215        

Ai äm not leting tis tred dai! Ail fait foor it if ai häf tu!

Soouu....hau aar juu? Tings bin greit?

Topic: SkandiForum 8 55 minutes ago #9343214        

@Znipster #9343198 Må være ganske kjipt å ha bursdag på denne dagen av alle dager. Ingen som tror at du har bursdag osv. Uansett, gratulerer med dagen

Topic: SkandiForum 8 56 minutes ago #9343213        

@Znipster "Der er dog nok forskel fra art til art i hvor høj grad et traume opleves." Jeg er så og si enig at man skal ikke påføre dyr unødvendig smerte, men det har ingenting å gjøre med at mennesket ikke bare er et dyr blant andre dyr. Poenget mitt er at om mennesket ikke er noe unik, har noen iboende verdi, så er ikke hva en løve gjør mot en sebra noe annerledes enn hva en kanibal gjør. Å spise noen fra sin egen art forekommer i dyreriket, hvorfor skal vi se på når mennesket gjør det på noen annen måte hvis vi ikke har noen høyere verdi på noen måte?

"Kan du uddybe eller sende et link?" Bare les begynnelsen så forstår du hva det betyr, tror jeg.

Du tar to ting jeg sa og svarer dem separert. Du skjønner, det jeg snakker om er noe som kalles det moralske argumentet for Guds eksistens. Det går ut på at verdier som vi mennesker deler, kjærlighet, respekt og empati må ha ett grunnlag for å ha noen objektiv betydning ellers er alt bare subjektive tanker og synsing uten noen ekte betyding. Jeg ser at du ikke forstår argumentet når du sier "Ved virkelig ikke hvordan du på nogen måde kan se det sådan. Jeg forstår igen ikke hvordan i alverden du kan se på det på denne måde."

Dette er noe mange ateister er enig med, de kalles ofte nihilister. De fornekter at det eksisterer noe som objektiv moralske verdier og plikter. For dem så er det eneste du kan si om holocaust at du ikke likte det, men om du sier at det var moralsk galt selv om nazistene som gjorde mente det var godt så var det fremdeles feil så sier du kun din mening, dersom Gud ikke eksisterer.

Gud er av sin egen natur god. Han er på den måten standarden for godt og ondt, ikke fordi Han skriver det i Bibelen, men fordi Han gir ut lover som 'elsk din neste som deg selv' som en refleksjon på Hans egen godhet. Du kan på denne måte si at Gud er målestokken for godt og ondt. Desto mer en handling reflekterer på Ham, desto bedre er den.

Om du fremdeles ikke forstår hva jeg mener, enten fordi jeg er dårlig på å forklare eller på grunn av språk så kanskje denne videoen kan hjelpe:


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Topic: Meroni's Laboratory 57 minutes ago #9343212        

How to make hybrid DNA:
1- Mix DNA from two different sources.
2- Heat the mixture to 100 C. ''The Hydrogen bonds in the DNA will break leaving unstable separate strands''
3- Allow the mixture to cool down. ''New Hydrogen bonds will form between different strands''
Sample of DNA:
5'... ATC.GCG.TTC.AAG.CTC...3'
Some unexplained information:
You can tell how someone looks like by examining his DNA.
Hmm... Biology is... fun.

Real True News 59 minutes ago #9343211        

Us Danes arent the smartest of us, but really i'd belive it :3

Topic: (least) favourite words 59 minutes ago #9343210        

'Awe' is also a word I dislike. It's just an awkward sound. I don't like words that are too short.

Topic: Talk about problems you have. May be NSFW 1 hour ago #9343209        

I want my driving license. Now!
I had to take extra lessons again. :'(

Topic: Truth or False 1 hour ago #9343208        

@emeadow No

Does anything ever make any sense?

Topic: What's on your mind #86 1 hour ago #9343207        

@MeddlingAmerican :D I would love to know the context for that.

Real True News 1 hour ago #9343206        

Never trust the news on April fool's day. xD

Topic: SkandiForum 8 1 hour ago #9343205        

@Svenskefan Jag är inte säker vad jag tror på Nato eller försvarallians mellan Finland och Sverige men jag tycker att allianser har blivit viktigare nuförtiden.

@Znipster Grattis på födelsedagen

218 2 hours ago #9343203        

MEiN cAPTiEN HaS CrUshEd THy WiCkeD wItCH oF SeCcTor 9! @alexus I sUppOsE CaPTeIn WiLL HavVE To DeAL WItH hiS PEsKy ROBOID SeCrATarY NoW HMM?


22 M
Real True News 2 hours ago #9343202        

I know. It is so annoying! I always have to wait for the next day to confirm whether the "serious" news was real or not.

P.S. This would be the perfect day to launch a surprise invasion, because everyone would be like "yeah, sure they are. I am not falling for that"

Topic: What's on your mind #86 2 hours ago #9343201        

I understand so the game doesn't exist in Eu version at all? D:


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Topic: Most bizarre event of your life 2 hours ago #9343200        

I want to know what are your most "WTF!!" moments.

Mine happend yesterday:

I was working and I saw a call from my father, wich is very strange because my father never calls me during work hours, so fearing something bad happens to my mother (she had heart issues last year, but now is ok) I took the phone. My father is a very calm person so I really I became more concerned when he shouted me:

-Where are you!!??
- I'm at work...
- But.... but... Are you ok?
-Yes of course!! What's going on?

I could hear my mother insulting someone in the background and I didn't understood anything...

My father told me that someone was calling to the house phone telling them that they had me abducted and asking for a ransom. They asked my mother for her cellphone number (I suppose that they wanted it to block the line with a call), how many money do they have in the house and how many money they could took right away from the ATM....

My mother, who love police series and books, asked to talk to me, and refused to tell them her cellphone number... But, obviously, she got really nervous, thinking the worst...

Once they had located me they calmed down, my mother started screaming and cursing the scammers... This last weekend a very friend of her passed away, so she was nervous prior to the call...

Today they are going to the police.

I did know that this kind of scam was happening from years ago in south america, but I had never listened of something like this in Spain... Still less in my hometown, wich has less than 30.000 people...

So.... What's your story?

Topic: SkandiForum 8 2 hours ago #9343199        

Tillykke så. ;)

(Nu er det vel ikke en aprilsnar?)


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Topic: SkandiForum 8 2 hours ago #9343198        


Ja :)

Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall 2 hours ago #9343197        

*Raises eyebrow*
If you really do not want to hurt me, then why do you keep coming here giving me weird stuff, hmm?.

Topic: Ask anything about South Africa :) 2 hours ago #9343196        

Anyone left with unanswered questions? :P :P


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Topic: Periods 3 hours ago #9343195        

@sneachda #9343096
Possible effects of the male pill will probably include sharp increase in the number of STDs' cases

Topic: My try at Iceland 3 hours ago #9343194        

@Afgrund Maybe talk a bit more loudly, but other than that...I love the voice, and I think it fits Iceland really well :D


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Topic: Jacobs message forum thingy 3 hours ago #9343193        

@Jacob #9342872
I take it yesterday, it says I'm from the green party...


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Real True News 3 hours ago #9343192        

At first I thought that it was Wales instead of Bornholm but then opened my eyes....
and it looks like Bornholm lost his arm in 4th panel and it's waving
Anyways... nice comic again !