Romantically Apocalyptic


The thing that once was me, "Amber of Snippy", was being stretched out in all directions. A tiny dot, spliced into strings, trading a sense of self for the constantly expanding perception. A little piece of flesh and bone, somewhere in the river, was being quickly dragged away by the current. I tried to hang onto it as long as I could.

I was the Biomatrix and we were all over the burning forest. The poor small multicellular organics that suffocated in the smoke lit up all over the forest, immediately turning to the Biomatrix control.
A lot of them were also vanishing, consumed by the flames as there was nowhere for them to flee.
Eventually, when the forest fire ended, Life walkers would come marching in and perhaps a great bickering for these souls would follow. How bothersome.

The balance of the forest was upset by a weapon long forgotten by this land. This weapon was something we fiercely disliked, for once, long ago, it had weakened us so much that we were forced to become a scarf. So inconvenient.

Initiating search for surviving/conscious/functioning Avatars.
Avatars located.
Initiating connection...

We were the Chalice knights. We were camping on the shore when we died. We were going to catch the Mod by surprise attack, for the Admin Revolution had to be stopped by any means necessary to maintain Order. We were killed before the Mod came near us. From the other shore of the river, the wind carried to us the Mod's Word: "Cue Protocol One One Tree", and then the sky was cut in half by a flash so bright that it left us nearly blind. Then, a wall of thick smoke and a rolling firestorm descended from the hilltop onto us, consuming much of our flesh. It was slightly annoying to lose the top layers of muscle and skin, but we were pleased that the Biomass accepted us and granted us life anew. We didn't even have to tell the Biomatrix how important the Infinite Grail is. No, the Biomatrix already knew much of her magnificent and holy powers. Who knew that even Death bowed to the Chalice?

We saw the Mod. This was all his fault.
Why did you come here, you little pesky controller?
Why did you re-awaken the forces of the old and forgotten world?
Do you not know what would happen if SHE awoke? The one who's name must not be spoken, the real owner of all things and your "magical" skills?

“Hey you!” I pointed at the Mod.

The Mod turned to us, hissing with contempt, "Move aside, Dead ones."

"Unlicensed demolition!" I waved at the burning castle with the Dead Chalicite's hand. What the hell was this Mod thinking? Such ignorance! You do not challenge Death, for even this pesky fool is mortal and would come to join us in the end.

I spoke through the other 3 Chalice Knights now:

"Dismantling housing units without a permit, eh?"

"No respect for the dead! Such terrible manners! Don't I even get a 'Hello, how are you,' anymore?"

"You shall not pass!"

"I am pressing charges! This is entirely your doing!"

"My anger echoed in the other avatars, they wanted to take the Mod's flesh for their own. The Mod raised his hand and spoke the Word:

R / School bus

A yellow horseless carriage appeared high in the air. Its abrupt appearance upset the currents of the wind and so the air around it boomed outwards, warping the clouds. We knew of Mods who could summon such carrier vehicles of the long extinct civilization, but it wasn't the same at all. Firstly, the carriage, his so-called "School Bus," was terrifically high up. The range of the Word was incredible. Secondly, it was alive. Fuel burned inside it and its insides roared.
The surface of the carriage sparkled with blue, white and red lights that flickered, bloomed and chased away the darkness. Lightning jumped from it to the clouds.

The School Bus didn't have much time to comprehend its fate, for soon it became gravity's victim and plummeted downwards. When it hit the ground it exploded with inescapable force, the metal frame shattering and the fuel escaping. The new fireball thundered across the earth and licked up whatever was left of the dead Knights.


We are experiencing technical difficulties in this sector: connection to 4 avatars has been lost.
Please hold while we transfer your subconscious.

beep... beep... beep...

by Amber of Snippy, 9th December 2012


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ok, so long story short, the amber os snippy is dead and now a part of the horrific bio-mass, the 4 chalice knights who were against the mods, died,a nd became, too, parts of the bio-mass, and they, challeneged the mod, whom, with the power of the ''word'', (what is the word in this realm?) summoned a large school bus, and threw it on the 4 undead chalice knights, who died.

am i right?

-who lived from this battle? did the mod survived this?
-will the 4 chalice knight ever be back, or the end is firm and final for them?
-what happens to amber of snippy?
-what's the ABSOLUTE purpose of the bio-mass? to consume all? to conquer all?

end of transmission, thanks!
also, i LOVE the art, the flaming school bus seems just epic. and the previous arts ofcourse. you guys rock. keep at it.

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