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Oh Captain, my Captain! I say it to mock,
You're lucky as hell but to me you're a c***.
Please spare me the missions, I've no head for heights,
Balloons and big lists lead me only to blights.
Evading the probes of an alien race,
Then having to witness your > : ( angry face...

But what choice have I? I'm involved in these fights,
With Cancerous space-monsters full of red sprites,
And Lemonade weirdos and God knows what next,
Just how can you stay so serene and unvexed?
What price should I pay for your simple delights,
Be eaten by whales after soiling my whites?

I know you won't listen, but you'll come unstuck,
And one of these days you'll run right out of luck,
Your empire will fall, and your ego besides,
It's karma for sure, like the turn of the tides,
And then I will lol, sitting in my own muck,
Coz after all this I just won't give a f***.

by , 20th February 2012


2 years ago #8529179        

Somebodeeyss begging for zee scalding!
And if you really think about it snippy- isn't it all worth it for the smile on Captians mask?

However, your poem does ring true, you witty shoe!
How much of this can you be put through?
Your present is ashen
Your future is bleak
And through it all there's Captians lucky streak...
Lol while you can... For there are monsters whom captian commands

3 years ago #8510002        

Lol so true!

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