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DeLays... wE WeRe DeLaYeD.
It Is MoSt StAnGe. OuR AvAtArS CoUlD noT fOcUs On CaPtAiN. ThEy CoUlD NoT CatCh It.

...It Has WaNdeReD OfF InTo ThE DeAD CiTy.
ThIs TrIaL Is A MoCkeRy WhEn ThE AcCcusEd CaN JuSt WaLK OfF.

ZeE CaPtAiN MuSt HaVe A WeAkNeSs, SoMeWheRe In ThE MeMoRy oF tHeSe ProPerTieS.

It WaS DiFfiCulT To TrAcK dOwN AlL InStaNcEs Of CaPtAin.

SoMeThiNg WaS InTeRfERiNg WiTh ThE ScAn.
SoMeThiNg ThaT DiD NoT BeLoNg iN ThE PaSt.
SoMeThiNg ThAt KePt MeDdLiNg WiTh EvErYtHiNg.

A WeApOn oF PoWer GrEaTeR ThaN tHe FuRnAcE Of ThE StArS.
An EmISsArY oF DeAtH, HiDdEn iN PlaIn SiGht.
BuT WhY? WhY DoEs DeAtH ItSeLf PrOtEcT tHe AcCuSeD?

We ToOk ToO LoNg. We AsSuMeD tHiS WoRlD wAs InAcTivE.
It WaS NoT.
The BiOmASs oF ThoUSaNdS CaNnoT NoT CoMpeTe WiTh A pLaNeTaRy DeFeNcE NeTwOrK iN PoSeSsiOn Of OrBiTaL IoN CaNnOns...

Orbital Ion Cannon

ThE UnIoN MuSt KnOw.
ThEy WiLl NoT Be PleAseD wItH OuR fAiLuRe.
wE TriEd. FoRgiVe Us.

...EnD TrAnSMiSsIOn.

by Biomatrix 117, Thursday


3 years ago #8696471        

Could it be possible zat zee mug is zee zing protecting Captain?For if zee mug is the the infinite grail zese chalice knights are looking for then it is said that the even death bows down to zee chalice! Ziis is most fascinating

3 years ago #8489399        

I saw the numbers 117 and imediately thought of the game Halo. anyone else?


18 M
3 years ago #8263413        

you make a lovely scarf.

3 years ago #8250562        

Nobody sees it yet. Is not a problem, we add more stuff soon :)

3 years ago #8247545        

Why does it seem no ones is on the blog?

3 years ago #8238585        

It kind of looks like Cancer is wearing hipster glasses.

3 years ago #8237941        

Why are there no comments? :/

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