Romantically Apocalyptic


Entry 412:

This evening, I returned to into the City to fill out the reports about my first tour out into the Dead Zone.
Hopefully, they won't suddenly shut down the D.Z.T.R. Department and there will be more tours for me to "guide".

Today... was different.
A buzzing, hovering Hunter-Drone met me in the Airlock.
Must be a new thing.

Ah I see,
As I'm forever unable to access ANNET, someone up top must have programmed this contraption to follow me around, shouting things at me.

Thank you, whoever you are.
I never felt more ridiculous.

To top things off, I lost my coffee.

by , 1st March 2012


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I wonder how he got rid of it later. If that thing followed him on his wasteland mission was it destroyed, when his science-team/tourist group was wiped out?

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Hahaha, that Drone must be really annoying, but most the fact that the G. Directorate copyrighted EVERYTHING! Paying for love, that's not good. hahahha

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