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Bath time

Bath time

~ Time for your bath, children.

On May 19, 1922 the second All-Russian Komsomol Conference decided to create pioneer units all over the country.
Thousands of Young Pioneer camps were set up where children went during summer vacation and winter holidays. All of them were free of charge, sponsored by the government and Trade Unions.
These were basically children's camps where kids would spend their summers, playing together, learning, swimming, learning knots, earning medals, wearing red ties, and loving grandfather Lenin.
The 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union had devastated funding for the Pioneer camps and most of them had been forgotten and are now consumed by nature in decay.
This is a shot from one of these camps, lost deep in forest of Siberia.
From what I can tell... this used to be a bathroom.
I jumped into the bathtub and rode in it, praising the spirit of grandfather Lenin.

11th February 2014

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5 years ago #9686020        



I can imagine that bathtub ride was a wild adventure! Being envious would not be productive, so I think I'll just get a motorcycle to fly. :)

7 years ago #9361257        



Has this been filtered?


18 M
8 years ago #9308733        



You couldn't find places like this in Siberia. Most of the places are covered in a 6 meters thick snow layer.

8 years ago #9092603        



I just found this sneaky little art set. Me likey!

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