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ENTRY ___80

I felt scorching heat and vibrating pain.

There was an endless buzz in my ears of massive shell-shock.
Crunching noise of the ground.
For a brief second I saw tiny mushrooms and flowers under me, but they quickly disintegrated into dust.
Impossible. Shock-hallucinations. I haven't seen grass in so many years.

Crawl forward. Away. Away from the heat.
Farther. Come on Alex. Get up. Walk.

Something was wrong. I wasn't supposed to be alive.

...Ion Cannon interrupts all electronic impulses, no matter how small, effectively scrambling, disrupting all neural activity and shuts down the brain.
Sure, the walls of the little house protected me from the flames of ruptured atmosphere, but how is my mind still active?
Only one thing could have protected me. Something which could bend all known laws of physics at it pleased.

Could it be? The note?!

Could Seven's luck actually transfer onto others?
If this is true, then Seven could be the key to my survival.
That or the super must have wanted me alive.
Oh, I will play your little game Captain.
I know not why you'd want me, but as long as I stay close to you, I might survive.

There's no point in hiding in the bunker now, all electronics down there have been fried, plus ANNET would surely send in another drone to check for my body.

We must hurry.

What do you mean I can't leave until the interview is over?
No! I'm not filling out this 20 page application!

Use number 2 pencil? Where am I supposed to get a number 2 pencil?

My references? What?! You worked under me for years!
This is ridiculous!
Why would you want my email?!

Why would you even need to know whether I can dance salsa?

ANNET's drones could be here any moment!

No, I'm not giving you my phone number!


Little portrait of Snippy by Luna133.

18th March 2012

17 days ago #9384632        

Captain has great spelling.

2 months ago #9367958        



15 F
4 months ago #9343669        

@kirani100 Snippy and Engie never talked to each other, because Engie feared that he'd be killed if snippy knew his real identity.


17 O
6 months ago #9313529        

Just obey, admin, there is no way to overcome the stubborness of Zee Captain aka Seven.


9 months ago #9272197        

That scarf really suits Captain. I love it!

Also, poor Pilot now has two people muscling in on his turf - the ground "his" Captain walks on. :)

9 months ago #9268672        

Zee Captain is the key to survival.

1 year ago #9214949        


1 year ago #9213074        

Oh Engie, how insubordinate of you! Very Snippy-like. You two might get along... SORRY about shipping you with him and thinking you were female. I mea-AHEM- Istillshippedyoudesptegender but no more. The ship shall not sail any further for me. I am also sorry for un-shipping you. :I

1 year ago #9185748        

What if, Ze captien is actually seven? And as a girl?

1 year ago #9094121        


Maybe Captain gave Pilot the task of building a portrait out of confettie? It sounds like something I'd expect of Captain to demand, and Pilot would of course get it done with the upmost perfection. In my mind anyways, haha

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