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Issue 76




3rd March 2012

2 months ago #9082361      

@artee11 , i've said it a year ago, and i will say it again....
i think that this girl is the captain herself, and there is little doubt in that.
look at the pink eyes/letters!
look at the warnings about the mug!
she warns him about the mug, (i assume it was before she got insane and became ''the captain''.), and later on she gets vacuum'ed by the water vortex, and due to her extreme luck, im sure that she will survive, and she will try to save snippy again.
thus, she is the captain.

i rest my case.

8 months ago #8949203      

She could be the Capt'n but there was also a girl with purple goggles a while back, like Snippy's first flashback with his tour group, I think. The two girls look simular though.

8 months ago #8938895      

So Zee Captain was going to get caugh by the BioMatrix, but a temporal disruption caused the scans to fail. When the Biomatrix looked for evidence in Snippy's memories, his abnormal DNA caused it not to remember, but to actually go back in time, creating a time loop (which connects with the most recent entries, where Pilot is informed of the situation so that he can fix it by killing Snippy). When the ion-cannon activated, Snippy's temporal mess caused it to to hit bot the current time (destroying Cancer), and the past time of his memories (causing an explosive decompression in a Directorate Cube).

In this "new" past, it was not Zee Captain (the purple eyed girl) who caused the server banks failure, but Snippy (which explains why Pilot accounted him as responsible for the fall of Eureka, even though Captain told him it was him in the first entries of the comic). And in this "new" past Zee Captain was killed by the Ion Cannon; and even then, it was a strike of luck, because now Death protects her future self, as she has become a quantum disonance (as called by Cancer), something that is both alive and death, which makes her undetectable to the Biomatrix.

I know I'm writing a lot, but I think I came to understand things, so I'm sharing it. And when you think about it, Zee Captain caused WWIII. But now her luck modified the past, making Snippy the new responsible.

...What a lucky bitch xD

8 months ago #8938861      

GUYS HOLLY SHIT! She IS Zee Captain! She's the purple eyed girl, and she doesn't even have a neural interface!

8 months ago #8928233      

That girl is going to be a major character.


14 F
10 months ago #8872949      

@sergeant we are experiencing the integration of snippy's memories and current reality. the biomass made that hole in his chest. for example that giant beam of light from the "angered coffee gods", that was really the interference of the G directorate ion canon in the sky

11 months ago #8861018      

Her eyes have the same color as Captain's.....


24 M
11 months ago #8856552      

The Mug's more of an ally though lol

1 year ago #8758696      

also, the rubber duck at the end is hillarious :D

1 year ago #8758695      

seriously, what happened?
it seems that he got a hole in his chest. HOW?!

and lastly, i assume that this girl, IS the captain, due to her usefull and ominous advice about the coffe mug, AND about how much she cares about our friend snippy.
also, her eyes and words are coloured PINK, just like zee captain's words and stuff. coincidence?
i dont think so.

great comic! keep it up!

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