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ENTRY ___72

Zee Captain's...
note of summons had sealed my fate.

I felt a cold pull at my stomach. Something else was coming, re-awakened by the presence of Captain.
Something worse than the shuffling noises of the red beasts outside. The sound of a falling cannonball.

Whatever that fleshy monstrosity was, it cared not for me, but its presence here led ANNIE straight to me.

...And it came to pass on the morrow, that the goddess in the machine came upon me and she wanted vengeance.

She was online, the thermonuclear bombardment of the core databank cube had failed to shut her down.
She was still alive, after all these years.
The explosive crash-landing of the hunter machine through the old roof drew THEIR attention.
I was now between two wild beasts, out for my blood.

What was Protocol 1-1-3?
Memories of Directorate weapon codes lingered in my mind, poisoning my thought pattern.
Could it be?

...So this was to be my death.
ANNIE had let me know that she would spare no expense in crushing me like a bug, now that she knew exactly where I was.
How long would the signal take for activation?
I began to count down my last seconds.


3rd frame of fleshy doom painted by Austen Mengler:

Storyboards by DanaArena:

18th February 2012

4 months ago #9272187        

The suspense! However, it would be a waste of a character to waste Gromov right now. :)

7 months ago #9223691        

0100010001010010 = binary for "DR"

2 years ago #8939214        


That reminds me of the Directorate slogan "Anxiety is good for you" xd

2 years ago #8928225        

Oh noes!


24 M
2 years ago #8856546        

@KurKami Could be a reference to the anime classic Ghost in the Shell which in itself might also be related to the old story element of deus ex machina.

2 years ago #8839111        

jeee i got the goddess in the machine joke/reference.

google deus ex machine.


17 M
2 years ago #8757595        

It's fire! Burn zombies BURN!!!!

2 years ago #8731845        

Annie can shoot lazers????? O>O
Thats amazing lol

2 years ago #8667823        

ANNIE is based on a stress ball. I own 1 just like it and it totally blew my mind to see it on these comic books. it was an amazing surprise.

2 years ago #8567493        

Shadow not all binary translates into words for instance if that was translated into ascii there would be about 3-4 letters (8 per byte and an ascii character is one byte)

More likely its an actual binary code... Plus going by how these kinds of huds work in sci fi that binary would be scrolling so its incomplete anyway as there would be more to it.

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