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ENTRY ___68b

G-damn candy-shaped spiders.

Thanks to them I discovered a way out of the G-Damned whale though!

It took me a long time to row back to the city.
I almost lost hope.
Only my anger kept me alive, rising within me as I kept rowing.
Make me into fish food will you?
G-Damned flying machine. G-Damned Pilot.
I'm going to give you such a beating when I find you.

. . .

If a Pilot falls dead in the radioactive wasteland and there is no one around to hear you think Captain would find out it was me?

And yet as I strangle Pilot, on the frozen beach I can't help but feel as if this had already happened before.


Storyboards by Grimhel

5th February 2012

Tagged in Snippy Pilot
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7 months ago #9686518        



Snippy mustn't be a snail at all if managed to overtake PiLoT!

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