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Life inside a giant whale...

what would one expect?

At first I was extremely angry at Pilot and Captain for having me trapped here.

Then, I became sad, knowing that here I would surely perish.

But then, I started to scavange various items of value that were also swallowed by the whale.
Out of such I even constructed myself a home. It gave me hope.

But I knew that such hope is a false one and eventually supplies would run out and I would surely starve.
I bargained with the whale to spit me out. I named her "Ishmael". She did not listen to my demands for freedom.

Just as I reached acceptance...
An old, crusty man with a UPS tatto showed up "at my door".

I know not how or why.
Perhaps I've started to imagine things from loneliness?

How did Pilot get this pale-skinned man to deliver a package to me?

As the strange old man left I started to wonder... what is the postal code inside the whale?

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The most glorious collaboration of collaborative-ness.
Every panel here is done by different artist and slightly refined by me!
Behold the masters behind this feast of fancy:

1. ADDICT-Se: http://addict-se.deviantart.com/
2. Eszitril: http://eszitril.deviantart.com/
3. Enjeru: http://enjeru.deviantart.com/
4. Kamikazuh: http://kamikazuh.deviantart.com
5. Jadeitor: http://jadeitor.deviantart.com/
6. Bohunle: http://bohunle.deviantart.com/
7. Skysora13 http://skysora13.deviantart.com/
8. Mabi http://kitao-chan.deviantart.com/

28th January 2012

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5 years ago #9416360        



what if pilot is female and likes zee captain and eventually admits it to zee captain

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2 years ago #9775926        



It's very easy to forget in a whimsical, slapstick story like this that unpleasant occurrences actually have consequences and that things won't be back to normal on the next page.

2 years ago #9724134        



What would happen if you reported an admins comment to that same admin? *mind explodes*

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4 years ago #9474941        



Huh. Guess Pilot IS a good artist.


15 M
4 years ago #9432008        




5 years ago #9376738        



'#8107851' i think that the doctor is a girl for some reason she still has her sanity and shes coherent i just remember her face and she looks kind of unhealthy

5 years ago #9367942        



This snippy in a whale thing reminds me of Pinocchio.... The Disney version
Living in a whale...

5 years ago #9343647        



@DustTheWanderer I think its a reference because pilot in fact used to be human.

Wait a sec... Is that snippy's 2012 calendar in the third last panel??


17 O
5 years ago #9313418        



Where did Snippy get a painting of Zee?

5 years ago #9289441        



I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, but I've been re-reading RA and in chapter 1B, this was stated:

"I waved the scissors at Pilot as he retreated into the hallway, stumbling and grumbling how United Postal Service was on his side because his cousin works there."

The UPS guy was most likely either Pilot's cousin or a reference to that scene.

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