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ENTRY ___33

]| G-DIR EMPLOYEE USER ID # 88 56 01 :
]| Occupation: Localized Transit

Good morning, Eureka, happy to meet ya!
My old sale’s gone a little bit stale,
But my price’s a steal, it’s barely real!
These wee tires won’t ever expire,
So step inside, I’m sure you’ll decide,
That today’s the day to go all the way,
And finally invest in a scooter!

Oh! You’re quite tall! And not at all
Like the demographic to which I’m trafficked,
(Which is everyone between six and thirteen)
But never fear, that’s not there or here,
All my parts can adjust, and you can trust
That you’ll have a blast going slow or fast
And scoot to your heart’s content.

Hey! Where’re you going? My hope had just started flowing.
Please come back, sales are slack,
And I will admit that it does sting a bit
To watch you turn away, ‘cause here I’ll stay
And I fear this day will turn to a lonely year.
And it won’t be the first and you know what’s worse,
It probably won’t be the last.

Oh, sad gray December, I can barely remember
My last chance of leaving this lonely expanse
Prior to you coming through.
Say, what’s that in your hand? I really can’t stand
To even dare to think that you bothered to scare
Up the dough, but I don’t know…
Heavens above, that does look like legitimate cash!

I must confess I’ve been under duress—
I’d come to grief with the morbid belief,
That I’d be left here to rot and rust on the spot.
I’d come to think the worst, now my AI chip might burst
With all the joyous feels, so let’s test out these wheels!
I wish you had a helmet, but that’s no repellent,
So long as you’re over eighteen.

Oh, to face the road and never slow,
At last, my prayers have come to pass.
I so love the holidays, because my dreams came true today.
I dunno where we’ll go or what we’ll see but I’m finally scooting free!
My, this street is sharp and rough, but I’ll be tough.
I’ll do what it takes to stay true,
Through every twist and turn.

We’re off to tour the city, I’m sure it will be pretty,
When it’s covered in snow and the bones don’t show,
And until then I’ll be strong and scoot right along,
Because the worst is behind me, and I can see
That the thing to do is stay with you.
Long after my warranty ends you can still depend
On me for all your scooting needs.

23rd December 2010

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6 years ago #9499794        



Aaaaaaaaaaaaw, That's so adorable. :)


666 O
3 years ago #9815733        



I love how the scooter wrote a poem for captain. Or speaks in poems? Whichever one it is, it's adorable. <3

5 years ago #9616695        



soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute


15 M
7 years ago #9431821        



Looks like he got the 5-finger deal, and I don't blame him, I mean $99.99, come on thats outrageous! :XD:

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7 years ago #9415261        



Aww, thats cute.

7 years ago #9400876        



Scooters are bae

8 years ago #9279793        



Happy Captain = happy me :D

8 years ago #9271786        



Captain looks so, so happy. I wonder if he'll let his minions play with it? :D


26 F
8 years ago #9260460        



@Zer0 the money is probably made from the same AI hardware as the candle.

8 years ago #9207573        



How is the money in perfect shape?!

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