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ENTRY ___269

I found myself in a peculiar situation, in which I was the cottage and also a small human meatsicle standing inside of myself, conversing with a catgirl avatar of a tetravirus memetic that also lived deep inside my brain.

I wasn't sure whether to be disturbed or annoyed with this development.

Church-captain and I were walking to our mysterious destination. I admired the strange, alien landscape before me.
The ground sloped downwards and sideways in irregular patterns, numerous waterfalls cascading from broken cliffs. A ginormous piece of rock lay on the ground, as if fallen from somewhere far overhead.

I stared at the huge rock and immediately got tangled up with the unwholesome amount of house-legs, slipping on wet, mossy ground.

Falling off a cliff as both the house and a human got me twice the amount of hurt.

“I totally meant to do that”

I righted myself upwards, sliding on wet rocks.

“Just give me the leg control, I’m great at driving giant spiders.”

Nekomewtrix glared at me, as dust and debris rained from the ceiling.
I switched my flesh-eyes to x-ray vision and stared right through her, at her pulsating insides of stolen flesh and harvested bone.

It made me feel marginally nostalgic.

“No! I can totally do this.” I frowned, suddenly noticing some sort of a bright light behind her in the window.
“Uhhh ...what is that?” I spoke, switching to my outside flower stalk-eyes.

Outside, a humongous, twisted metal egg was casually floating in front of us.

“Oi, I’m walkin here!”

I scolded the floating egg-thing.

In response, the egg suddenly unlocked, opening up with thousands of jaggedy petal-like shards. The shards levitated in the air, connected by electromagnetic currents. The egg’s interior shell emanated with power as it judged us with its single blue eye.

“Hmmmm… an itsy bitsy cottage went out for a walk”

It eerily sung with a twisted voice of Alexander Gromov across streaks of lightning and metal shards.

I rapidly retreated from the window, bumping into Nekomewtrix.

“...Down came a neutron beam and cleansed the cottage out!”

The jagged machine stated, forming a series of intertwined, levitating, metal rings.

...and then both of me and the Nekkomatrix exploded, shredded by neutron radiation into dust.


Hugs and love to all our DELICIOUS PATRONS

Journal art contributors:

Oggy B & AnuPatten

Music by:

Oggy B

2nd December 2018

Tagged in Snippy Biomatrix Good Church Captain
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3 years ago #9802442        



Alright everyone comic over, I'll remember you all in therapy

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7 months ago #9855682        




3 years ago #9803201        



he can't die with his "companion" which basically makes him THE ETERNAL SNIPPY

3 years ago #9802689        



Oh no! Snipster's dead!


3 years ago #9802470        



Just some speculation: Did the biomatrix consume Bell? In that case would that matter? Would he respawn in the backup waiting room where Pilot's body is currently trapped? Although the other directors didn't, but who knows, if that was the case he would cause the whole trio (snippy, biomatrix and himself) to be brought back to life.

Or maybe the director backup system was part of the programs assimilated by Captain in his glorious bet. In that case, maybe he has the power to just make the three of them respawn whenever he wants. In both cases, I wouldn't want to be in the copyright-monster's place.

And if that happened, then the Biomatrix (the queen of copyright monsters) would be kind of duplicated again, which could possibly mean it (she) would be able to infiltrate and unleash all it's viral Goodness in the lunar systems, taking over Engie B's power...

Whatever happens, it's so Good to see this comic is still alive :)

3 years ago #9802353        



Lets hope his head is reconstructable at least.

3 years ago #9802255        



Such a shame! A mobile abode this luxurious for a prize this affordable will be difficult to find again... Perhaps Snippy must settle for a mobile apartment for a while?

(Also, I do wonder whether the egg-thing is an autonomous entity or directly controlled by Moon-Gromov...)

3 years ago #9802229        



Don't worry, if there's one thing I've learned from this webcomic, it's that ion beams aren't an effective weapon.

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3 years ago #9801921        



is it just me or does anyone else think about the movie "monster house" when seeing the spider cottage?

3 years ago #9808605        



It's about time I stop refreshing this page every five minutes

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