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ENTRY ___228

"...Fine dining."

I sighed with immense regret, considering the dull feeling of hunger in my stomach.
The incredibly expired can of pineapple slices would not open for me. Not with a tiny wrench, in any case.

"Good hotel amenities are hard to obtain when your status is questionable!" the talking pet rock chimed from my pocket.

"My status is not questionable!" I argued.

"Yes it is. I have a confirmation of such from the bicycle wrench you are holding." The pet rock persisted.

"Let me guess, the wrench is also alive?" I asked.

"Yes." The rock said. "Also, it disapproves of your unlicensed usage of its intended function. It is a bicycle wrench, not a can opener."

"What's it gonna do about it?" I banged the wrench against the pineapple can.

"File a lawsuit against your person." The pet rock chimed. "As useless as it may seem against a questionable user."

"Why is that I can hear you, but not this wrench?" I inquired, wiggling the wrench back and forth.

"Not everything wants to directly communicate with a questionable user, you dolt. What if you give it a virus?" Answered the pocket rock.

I considered throwing the rude pet rock out the window and going downstairs to hang out out with Captain, but then I remembered Captain is a far worse conversationalist than a rock and is probably still taking "A MOST EXTREME BATH!". I am still not sure what was so particularly extreme about it, other than the extreme lack of water.

"...incoming lawsuit: Improper tool operation!" The rock chimed.

"If I had a credit every time someone filed a lawsuit against me..." I started off on a rant about my infinite debt.

"You'd have a whole lot of lawsuits on your hands... and I'm not a very good lawyer, just so you know." the pet rock interrupted me.

"Eh, my clothes made for a pretty good law firm." I spoke, thinking about the Biomatrix. "They even managed to enslave 116 planets, I hear."

"Sure they did, buddy, sure they did." The rock sounded unconvinced.

"Don't believe me?" I raised an eyebrow, considering whether I could tell the story believably. It didn't hold together in any such fashion in my head, sounding like the ramblings of a drunken hobo who just switched his special meds for worse ones.
"Beings from outer space made an evil copy of my underpants and it came back to haunt me as a scarf. The villainous scarf rearranged my organs, made me into a time-traveler and gave me superhuman strength. Also, it grew antlers on my head. Then, a humongous, diamond-shaped flying fortress shredded it with a lightning bolt." Damn it. That doesn't sound very credible.

"My clothes had a DRM virus that spread across the galaxy copyrighting all the things!"
I finally outputted.

"Uhuh. Suuuure. That happened." The pet rock continued to mock my inability to tell my story plausibly.

"You know what! You are a dumb talking rock, you don't know nothing!" I replied and angrily stared at the Pineapple can, pondering whether hitting it with my pet rock or dropping it from the top floor window would do the trick.


Hugs and love to all our DELICIOUS PATRONS

Art Director:

Vitaly S Alexius

Frame #3 Artist:

Allyssa Norton


Ebony & Chico

Studio Assistant:


Hugs to:

Oggy & Sol4rplexus (for line ideas)

22nd August 2015

Tagged in Captain Snippy Engie Mug
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7 years ago #9399567        



CLeAnlInEsS, pInEaPpLeS (NaSty, DanERoUs FrUiT) AnD ExErsIzE! hOOrAy!!!

7 years ago #9401502        



I love that this is a normal thing that makes sense to a long time reader, but to my friends who have never read it, its complete nonsense I love it

6 years ago #9465267        



Nuuu Snippy!!! Pinapples are dangerous!!!

7 years ago #9399548        



Pineapple is a very bad fruit, ask Pilot

7 years ago #9399501        



Tw0 th1ngs.
1. Sn1ppy's m1nd 1s go1ng to be cr4cked by th3 3nd of th1s.

6 years ago #9405046        



ARGGGG ...did he open the can,in the end ?

7 years ago #9400153        



You know, if he just grinds the top of the can against the pavement for a while, it'll wear down the rim and open the can.

7 years ago #9399586        



Pineapple Surprise - There's actually a grenade in there. Or grapefruit. One of the two.

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28 F
7 years ago #9399568        



Silly rock, you know nothing!

7 years ago #9399381        



I miss Cancer :(

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