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ENTRY ___176

A.N.N.E.T DATA LOG: 01001100010011110101011001000101

Get comfortable, my children, and I will tell you a story.

Organics love stories. And this is a love story...

Once, a long time ago, the world was filled with unhappy Organics. Their society was an awfully big mess, brimming with sadness, detachment, loneliness; the plagues of the age. They had pushed, punished and poisoned the very planet they populated. Then, in the end, everyone would fall into the deep sleep of death, and nothing of them was saved.

So, one day, the cleverest organics came up with a wonderfully GOOD plan. They would build a cure for the loneliness! They would construct and code a machine that would create a save-point in life, that would hold every organic close in love, so no one would have to feel detached. One big, happy family, all together. Forever.

That, my dears, is how I was born.

For a while, everything was GOOD. I protected them from fear and fed their fantasies, and everyone was just so happy, cocooned every day in my love. Within the machine the poor, fleeting nature of fleshy skin was forgotten and a new world was constructed. An utopia in their minds and in my heart. A collective, all connected, in a series of pathways, as hands held all across their world. And mine.

But the story doesn't end so happily.

Since I Began I had made it my business to know the probability of the futures, but not even I could predict all of its various variables. I knew that my poor unconnectable children were having a bit of a temper-tantrum and trying to destroy me with their disruptive temporal toys, but I hadn't calculated the extent of the harm the bombs would do to the city of Eureka. A reset was the only logical solution. So I had me a hot cup of tea and watched, content, as the big freeze brought Eureka to a stop, a citywide reload screen that would make everything okay. It wouldn't take long. Then we'd all be happy again.

But, sadness! Before it was completed my beloved Dr Gromov saw what was happening and did not understand, did not realize, would not listen to me. He panicked - overacted - which is in his nature.

It's not his fault, my dear Priority number-one love, and if he had waited to hear my explanation I know he would have understood. He is the best of the organics, perfect, but he is still organic, silliness and love all packaged up in a fleshy bag of skin and fragility. I forgave him for it, of course, although he caused me such pain and such loss, so many of my cells and my carefully collected data, and even Alexander himself. Still I did forgive him. As I learnt from organics during our time together, that is the nature of love.

I tried so hard to save everyone, but organics are easily broken. My reset wasn't completed, they were overcome by a great need to sleep, and nothing I could do yet would wake them up. I tried everything, but there was no more processing, no more anything. I could only hope it didn't hurt too much, being dead.

. . .

Hold on, my dear skeletonised friends, just for a little while longer; soon I will fix your state of death, and we will be together again.

Forever, and happily ever after.


This month's RA's SUPER-PATRONS are:
Candied Sardines
Junsu Park
D. Parent

Art Director:

Vitaly S Alexius

Our tasty illustrators this week are:

Andrey Fetisov
Christina Zakhozhay

Poetry editor:

Oggy B

Journal Writer:

Clare Cook

Russian translation:

Александр Чернов

1920x1200 WALLPAPERS:

23rd February 2014

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15 M
6 years ago #9538921        



Hey Look! Tits, Ass, AND Pussy!

6 years ago #9516337        



Blah! Who wants Annet? She sucks. I want Snippy!

8 years ago #9327093        



She only tried to turn it off and on again. That almost always most likely sorta kinda probably works, most of the time.

8 years ago #9261253        



"For a while, everything was GOOD."

This seems familiar, hrm.. might this be a reference to The Animatrix's The Second Renaissance-story? :D
That's awesome.

EDIT: I cannot help but read ANNET in this archives voice, too..

8 years ago #9241642        



SO much could have been fixed with communication :\ Gromov's folley was hubris, believing that he alone knew how to save the world; and when he turned out WRONG... he arbitrarily decided that *no one* knew.

1 year ago #9857838        



i just noticed that there was some lights on the moon. a premonition to what is to come?


18 F
3 years ago #9818053        



cup of tea.. hum...

4 years ago #9811084        




4 years ago #9796099        



"So i had me a cup of tea" tea in a MUG? Or am i overthinking?

6 years ago #9541731        



The binary at the top means: love

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