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ENTRY ___171

Captain is greatest Captain...

of all captains that there ever will be in the Universe from the big bang to the big fold.

Today, Captain, Snippey and Pilot (that's me!) celebrated Boxing day.

After we force-fed Snippy ice-cream to alter his mood-state...
Captain took us to a magical land of SUZERENTE, a place where we could obtain many gifts of interest, box them and stack them to appease the genderless corporate sky-gods.

SUZERENTE is a gob-smacking place with many wondrous wonders.

Snippy didn't appreciate the wonders of SUZERENTE. He didn't hug the cashier robo-greeters as is customary, nor did he help us collect many items of shopping-ness.

It took much convincing to get Snippy to sit on Santa's lap for pictionary purposes.
I drew a montage of Captain and Snippy with my quick art-hand. Captain promised to hang it in a place of recognition for good luck.

I only mildly jelly that Snippy gets to sit with Captain.
Snipster was mildly impressed with my arts.
"Keep it up, who knew a machine could be so artistic! You're starting to grow on me like a bleeding chest wound that refuses to go away." he says to me.
I frown and resist urge to roll Snippy down the escavator-stairs. Snippy needs much more self-satisfaction in self-personality before he can call me "machine".
Have I not feelings?
I draw twenty two frowns on paper-planes and send them to attack Snippy. That'll show him who's a machine.

Captain told me of future and what must be done for it.
In my hand I have now plans for a new flying construct, better than ever.
SUZERENTE offers many things to us for making our dreams happen.
I will fly again.

Snippy left the SUZERENTE. I tried to hold him, but Captain said- "NO. LET HIM GO, HE HAS A PLACE TO BE AND A DOCTOR TO SEE!"
And so I did let Snippy go.
Doctor appointment important, even if very scary.
I wonder if Doctor will cure Snippy of his constant grump-u-lence?

Perhaps not, perhaps yes.


Art Director:

Illustrator for frames 3-5:

Caption contest winners:
Philip Bourque & Zee Creepa

13th January 2014

Tagged in Captain Pilot Snippy
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6 years ago #9516328        



Pilot is just jealous of Snippy's incredible hotness!


18 O
8 years ago #9314086        



so i guess its a fact that the apocalypse happened on or close to christmas? might explain Captains obsession with it...

8 years ago #9263041        



I see I'm not the only one who enjoys riding shopping carts.

8 years ago #9163019        



@PyroLin Yes indeed I do supose captain is kinda..... big

8 years ago #9162677        



Snippy once said in a journal entry that Captain was "a few inches taller"... And he may looks a bit small in the last panel, but not that small if you compare him to Captain's size in the same panel ?

(sorry for my english by the way, it's not my mother language)

9 years ago #9134415        



Okay why is Mr. Snippy so small

9 years ago #9121418        



"When a woman needs to be comforted, she tells you its time to buy more shoes. but she HAS all the shoes. so we really know she just needs BOOTS! Now everything makes sense... FOREVER." -Monkey dee luffy.

if you people want more insanity, check out purpleeyeswtf's none piece on youtube. its a parady of the anime one piece and is hilarious.

9 years ago #9116459        



Love the "spring is coming" on the billboard. :D


16 O
9 years ago #9099825        



Pilot's only mildly jelly that Snippy gets to sit with Captain, but I'm like, supper jelly.

Super jelly.

9 years ago #9096449        



wow, i just noticed in the journal "from the big bang to the big fold" and in the later slides it says "planet folding initiated". correlation? 0-o

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