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ENTRY ___157

+-Restart completed-+
+-Memory dump error-+
+-Organic brain user override initiated-+

. . .
his pr? ...P i i l l o? ...Pilo?
...Pilot? My name is Pilot!
My arms hurt. My head aches.

-=Med scan self-diagnostic app initiated=-
Left elbow joint shattered.
Right Wrist -lower Ulna- shattered.
Numerous minor injuries detected.
12% of organic components affected.
42% of inorganic components affected.
76% operating efficiency.
33% Mental efficiency.
-=nano-med-organelles activated=-

y / n

-=Neural connection self-override activated=-
=- n -=

My arms broken? Not a problem.
I've had this happen many, many times before.

Sludgy, bothersome gobblegoop flopped in my eyes.
I do not like gobblegoop. It is bothersome nonsense, big floaty, sweaty, confusing words. Always floating in my eyes when I awake. Always bothersome. Always telling me "something something wrong", "dire warning", "attention".

I blinked the gobblegoop away.

There was fire. Lots of fire and smoke and broken things.
I remember falling. Snippy was with me.
We were falling.

Why ware we falling? I remember-ring.
I remember-ring being cold, being me but not me?
I remember-ring seeing double, left and right eye living on their own.
I remember-ring Right arm still trying to kill Snippy, right up to the point when I smooshed into the ground and something on the side of my head broke off.

Right arm, why did you want to kill Snippy?
He is a boobish slug, but he not worth it.
He's Captain's favorite cabin boy.
Right elbow still not work properly. Bent all sideways.

I smacked my elbow back into place.
Right arm, you been punished. Go sit in a corner.
Left wrist loosey-loose.
I smacked it into place as well.

Feeling better. Where is my Captain?
Looking around. No Captain to be seen.
That is a lot of fire.

Walking through the smoke.

Snippy? Poor, tired, goolish Snippy.
He's fallen asleep on the ground.
Snippy must have been real tired from our sky-fall.
Is that my sword? It is!
Snippy! You are bad. Why would you fall asleep on my sword?
That's not comfortable at all!

Snippy sleeps. I let him. Fire roars gently around us.
Things fall from the sky. They on fire.

I sing my best-est lullaby for Snippy, my voice louder than that of fire.
Something clicks in my head.
More gobble visions. I blink them away as soon as they float into my eyes.
Something something no heart rated detected from target?
Something something mission Accomplished?
I suddenly feel free, elevated.
The click has fixed something wrong with me before.
Something that always made me want to throw Snippy out of windows and off bridges is finally gone. I mean I still want to throw Snippy off bridges and all, but nowhere as bad as before.
Captain would always be there when I want to try to throw Snippy away the most-est.
I always listen to Captain. My Messiah is wise and timeless and magical.

That is an awful a lot of jam, coming from Snippy.
Snippy must have broken his favorite-est jar of jam on landing.
He will be most grumpy when he wakels. Yes he will.

Fire surrounds us, tries to eat Snippy. More things fall from above.
Captain will not be pleased with this lollygagging.

Snippy can nap his gentle naps, but it won't do at all to nap here on MY sword all day long!

Snippy stuck on sword. Sword stuck in ground.
Right hand still not feeling up to challenge, still wiggly on the wrist. I grabbed the sword under and over Snippy. It stuck.
I push. The sword shatters in my hands, leaving a piece inside Snippy's chest. Oh well.
Gobble-ty-speak floops in my eyes, warning me about dangers of snapping sharp metal with hands. I don't care.
Fingers are generally more cooperative.
Well, except that one time when my pinkie run away and wouldn't come back for two weeks.


Something tells me Snippy wants to keep my sword in his chest.
I let him. It can be his sword... for now.
He can borrow it to play with.
Maybe I'll find a new sword in the dead city?
Or maybe Captain will pull one out of air for me?
Who knows! Captain is full of well-timed surprise!
I carry Snippy out of flames.
Snippy feels stiff and cold like a plastic board, not soft like his usual self. Rather odd that.

What's this?

The city shakes in its boots.
Wind slaps us.
A wall of water rides our way.

I suppose the fire brigade needed to put that fire out.
Better this than nothin'.

I hang onto Snippy, as water rushes in and tries to carry him away.
Pesky water, calm down. Fire is that-a-way.
Stop smacking me around!
You won't steal Snippy so easily from me!
I won't let you go... my friend.


Art Director:

Studio assistants:
Chico & Brent

Illustrator for 1st frame:

9th September 2013

2 days ago #9262279        

Oh Pilot, though I don't like you much you finally considered Snippy your friend. Probably because (1) He's dead which is what you always wanted even before you got your tiara back, and (2) your mission to terminate him is accomplished meaning you won't be buggered to do so by your right eye anymore.


24 O
1 month ago #9241067        

@Chabe That similar nursery rhyme has been used by The Beatles (Golden Slumber) and other various artist.

2 months ago #9218240        


3 months ago #9212793        

Oh Pilot, have you realized the outcome of your actions? Captain should have taught you not to play roughly with Snippy instead of shouting MORE VIGOR. Now who will be the Roadrunner to your Coyote, or the Jerry to your Tom? How will you be the Microwave Chauffeur to his Fame-phobia? Have you harnessed the power of Friendship yet?

3 months ago #9211220        

if that diamond ring don't shine I'm gonna hire you a private eye.

I absolutely love this entry there is but one thing that bothers me about it though "He'd always say" is this truly PiLots reference to Zee Captain? I was under the impression that PiLot always perceived Captain to be female, he certainly seems to hyave in the past. Mayhaps Snippy hit him harder than I thought.

3 months ago #9209300        

Ooooooooooow! This. Is. Awesome. So EPIC! "I will not let you go! I will not let you drown!" I shed tears reading this <3


47 M
4 months ago #9191032        

Aww, that gets yah right in the feels!


21 O
4 months ago #9168543        

This is my favorite one out of them all.

Made me shed a manly tear on my first read through, go Pi....go good..."You won't steal Snippy so easily from me!
I won't let you go... my friend."

Pilot's mask showed emotion...bloody well done.

5 months ago #9157604        

So many feelings! :( My love for Pilot grew today.

But I just realized that Snippy hit the left side of Pilot's neural connection and Pilot says in this issue that his eyes want different things from him. Going back to earlier episodes, Pilot is seen saying that his right and left eyes are telling him whether or not to kill Snippy. In this case, was his neural connection already malfunctioning before this? Did he purposely disconnect himself? Or is this another confusing time loop thing? >_<

6 months ago #9136964        

Oh gawsh, my heart is weeping like those rivers! TT_______TT

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