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ENTRY ___148

]| Christophorus Pi Hatchenson : DEX-M
]| G-DIR EMPLOYEE USER ID # 96-69-12
]| Occupation: Insurance Agency Hunter

A skyscraper burns in the city. A clever distraction? A clever way to conceal the human heat signature? The Unscannable or his organic followers bumble around once again, attempting to elude me.
How messy.
Could you be any more careless?
Where are you hiding?

How can I hunt for that which does not wish to be seen?
How can I capture a blind spot?

I ponder this delicate matter.

Annet's vision for a perfect world is planted in my brain.
The neon light of the Neural Interface pierces the night.

Behind me, the army of the dead lumbers.
Can they be used as my eyes to spot the Unscannable?
I extend my mind onto my followers, straining past the limits of my meaty, ceramic shell.
The breath of the grid carries me, stretches me.
I am thousands of eyes. I am thousands of minds. I am thousands of bodies. I am the legion.

I ask the question. I receive a whole lot of spam, useless memories, commercials and irrelevant operas. I quickly shove the pointless information aside, adding more keywords.
An answer comes forth from the collective memory database. A hideously boring doctorate journal, once perused by one of the clerks during a bathroom break, mentions the Unscannable One. Further search on doctorate communications pulled out the following:

Subject has a rare genetic condition which disables subject from reception and usage of Neural Signal.
When the Neural Transmitter locks onto subject's head, the scanner gets confused and declares the subject as "BRAIN-DEAD".
I ran a few more tests and the tests only confirmed my suspicion - a rare genetic sub-normality.
Deep Neural Scan outputs random nonsense. Confirmed- subject cannot be connected to the Grid as such is declared fully "UNSCANNABLE".
Added a corrective notice to subject that declares the subject as "living" as soon as heartbeat scanner confirms such.
~Dr Jenss.

Hello? Did you not bother to look up this so called "random nonsense" on ANNET?
The output is actually a mix of 10591 languages!
Do you not understand what this means? Subject is a level 27 genius, able to subconsciously understand all languages in existence during deep-sleep.
I'm requesting subject transfer to "Linguistics Research Department"
~Dr Mobius

My genetic scan test confirms the following - Subject has the oddest genetic structure we've encountered thus far!
The genetic structure keeps "vibrating" yet "staying the same".
The subject's mind isn't just "Unconnectable/Unscannable" to the Neural Broadcast.
The Scan is going somewhere else entirely! It is being displaced out of current temporal location!
Tachyon reader confirms dangerously high level of temporal displacement!
I hereby request transfer of Subject to the "Temporal Research Department"
~Dr Lazarus.

Further investigation shows that the mind of the Unscannable subject simply consumes the signal of the grid!
It is a hole into which the signal pours endlessly, like a funnel of sorts. This presents terrible complications to anyone working near the subject.
Signal distortion, signal dropping, memory loss, etc. The Subject practically disrupts the grid, do you understand?
The Subject must not be allowed to stay within Eureka - this presents a huge insurance problem, now that we know who's caused all those incidents.
Who's going to cover the massive amount of accidents that occurred and keep occurring due to grid disruption around the subject?
The subject presents a massive danger to the City's infrastructure!
You are both idiots for publishing mentions of Subject in your public journals.
If the Insurance Department finds out about the Subject and launches a Hunter for Investigation/Extermination - your research will be done for.
I've immediately approved the subject's transfer to Dead Zone Research and Tourism Department.
If you want to continue your experiments with the subject- get yourself transferred there as well, although I wouldn't recommend it.

~Dr Jenss.


Finally, a most useful nugget of information!
Spill out the Neural connect-signal forth into all directions and you will surely find the empty space into which the signal floods without return.
I magnify the Grid's signal and use the army of the dead as broadcasters.
Each neural interface acts as a little broadcasting tower, spreading the signal across the dead city, easily passing through steel, stone, smoke and fire.
The grid reads evenly across all districts... except for...
Surely, you are not inside the burning derelict tower?
Yet there it is - a dent within the perfection of the Grid! The horrid funnel, into which the signal pours endlessly, twisting, throbbing and distorting!

The Unscannable is in the tower! Such irrational madness!
Are you fireproof? Do you really think that a little fire will stop me?
Why are you moving upstairs? Do you plan to escape via the rising hot air?

I must hurry.

As I enter the lobby, burning bags of food and cans rain on my head with parts of collapsing floors.
The staircase to the next floor collapses, buried by burning rubble.
Well played, Unscannable - you almost got me there.
Getting crushed before I reach my target will not win me any points with Mother.
I back away into the frosty outside and search the collective mind for answers.
Cheerleaders seem to have an idea of how to get me up there.
A ladder into the sky?
Yes. That will do.


Story and touchups by:
Painting by Mabi:

1st July 2013

Tagged in Snippy Pilot ANNET Zombies
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6 years ago #9317074        



Interesting how all these doctors seem to have stolen last names..

6 years ago #9265762        



I just realized that the guy who is responsible for the apocalypse is technically the only normal person in the group. The others are a reality warper, a super soldier and something like a blank psyker from Warhammer 40k. Oh yeah, and Photoshop, but I don't think I need to explain why he (it?) isn't normal.

2 years ago #9776225        



That moment when you're more special than the luckiest person in the world.....

2 years ago #9755607        



Sound Of Silence
Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly is creeping
Left it seems while i was sleeping
And the vision
That was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound
Of silence...

3 years ago #9742812        



I wants all of the SPAM!

3 years ago #9687783        



Ah, so Snippy's science team might have ACTUALLY been there to study...Snippy!

4 years ago #9602557        



I love the remake of the song by Disturbed.

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4 years ago #9496937        



This makes me wonder if the entire time that they complained that their scans failed to detect another person it was Charles all along. As in they detected the Captain, not him, and the Captain's sheer luck protected her from being abducted each time in place of Snippy instead.

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6 years ago #9325137        




...Er... No I don't think so... All the evidence is that he was always unscannable

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17 O
6 years ago #9318340        



Oh, RIGHT. DURR, of course it must be his symbiosis with the Biomass 117 that makes him unscannable. How did I not see this before...

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