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ENTRY ___144

]| Christophorus Pi Hatchenson : DEX-M
]| G-DIR EMPLOYEE USER ID # 96-69-12
]| Occupation: Insurance Agency Hunter

Memories flooded into my mind.
I tried to make sense of them, but it was extremely difficult, like sorting a library of millions of books.
Millions of titles flashed before my eyes, spiraling into eternity, a hurricane of vast and endless knowledge.
My mind ached as if crushed under thousands of book stacks that suddenly collapsed onto me.
So much information, so little time. I was missing the right keywords to access it all.
I find myself outdated, like an old cpu, simply unable to process it all fast enough.
Loading data. Loading data.
Estimated transfer time is between 48493927649115392547393 minutes and eternity.
No matter. I remembered who I was, who I am.

My name is Christophorus Pi Hatchenson.
I am a hunter, a DEX-M to be precise.

My mission as it has always been was to find the unstable, break the un-connectable and terminate the Unscannable subject, the ringleader of the Unconnectable terrorist group that sabotaged Eureka.
The Unscannable One had brought this city into ruin, had broken my Neural Interface, had made me lose focus, thrown off my stability.

The Unscannable One must pay for his crimes.
I had once caught the Unscannable, but had failed to proceed with the termination due to a temporal bomb.

I remembered the city of Eureka as she once was - full of order and information.

I find it odd to be made mostly of meat. Meat! How backwards compatible! How pointless now!
Meat has no place in this contaminated landscape of rocks, dust and ice.
It was great luck that my meat has survived for this long, has endured the punishment of the Dead Zone.
The old world was warped beyond recognition, but it still flashed in my head, filling in the empty gaps in my brain.

A new world unfolded before me. The Dead Zone was everywhere now, it has devoured, changed the city of Eureka. The grid of Eureka persisted. It had brought me back.
It resonated in the wind, in every rock, in the dust and the clouds.
The inorganic planet was alive and I felt her breath on my neurons, I heard her whispers in my mind.
I am a part of something greatly unimaginable, a tiny gear in the machinery of the stars, a web all over the surface of the Earth and beyond it, stretching into fractal infinity. From those depths, Eureka spoke to me:


Are there any other Neural transmitters around?
The signal strength was weak, yet still there. Employees of Eureka.
Many of them have been asleep, aimless and lost for a VERY long time.
Their meats have expired.

No matter. I will wake them up. I will guide them.
The GRID itself will help me, as I am now the last representative, an emissary, a mod of both Insurance and Eureka.

Eureka whispered the admin words to me. With these words, I shall make the blind see and will make the dead walk again. They will be most helpful in aiding my cause.

As the most just diplomat of the GRID, I will offer the ones that are harboring the Unscannable One the obvious choice of ORDER AND ETERNAL LOVE or INEVITABLE NULLIFICATION.


Art by zee awesome Russian artist:

28th May 2013

Tagged in Pilot Zombies ANNET
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3 years ago #9827151        



We know Snippy is an unconnectable, so my guess is that Captain is the Unscannable. That explains Snippy's realization that most monsters never go after him, most of them are haywire Annet tech that must not be able to detect his existence at all


15 M
5 years ago #9592514        



HE'S A JEDI! and now he has an army of the dead? also just for reference 48493927649115392547393 mins is 92263941493750752 years or 922639414937507.375 centuries!

4 years ago #9776219        




5 years ago #9704363        



Is pilot the guy that checked somebody's minivan in ? The dex code is same and it may be the reason why pilot hates pineapples so much..

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15 F
5 years ago #9601919        



So Pilot was never human. If he was, his actions could be attributed to brain damage due to breaking his first neural interface. It would be irreparable, even after regaining his memories. However, a dex is only semi-organic, which explains why a renewed connection could fix him right up. And he must have been pretty important, since he has a full name. Not just a first name like Matilda or the other dexes, but a last name and even a middle one, aquirable only through exceptional work. Everyone else only has an ID number.


15 M
6 years ago #9537270        



Pilot isn't insane anymore???

6 years ago #9495761        



so that was the reason behind pilot's hatred for snippy....

7 years ago #9386197        



Pilot isn't as insane anymore! Yay!

7 years ago #9325128        




erm it was on Pilot's jacket. But he suggested that he might have killed someone for the jacket. But that was just Pilot-babble


17 O
8 years ago #9318336        



Pilot has gone sane? What is the world coming to!?

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