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ENTRY ___113

The "word" of of Mod struck down my home, burning my past to a crisp.
The tower which housed my burning body collapsed, falling, crumbling apart as the hellish fire devoured the lower levels of the castle.
The tumbling waters of the river accepted my shattered body.
I knew that I was long gone, because I could hear them.
I was already changing, becoming one of them.
The voices of the dead ones whispered to me in unison, across my body, inside my mind, everywhere and nowhere.
"Welcome To Death.
This experience is being recorded for quality assurance purposes.
We appreciate your sudden termination caused by ionic explosive decompression.
We are delighted to accept you into to the Biomatrix collective.
You may be highly confused and alarmed.
Do not panic. We are here for you.
A smooth departure from mortality into the Universal Afterlife is our guarantee.
Long before your ancestors were born we have copyrighted your cells, thus when all sentient beings of this world die, they join the Biomatrix as avatars as per binding "symbiosis" agreement made with multicellular Charles Snippy on cycle dated: 57/039/483/4948. Depending on the damage levels of your neurons and your usefulness to the Biomass community, you may have limited or none of self-awareness. If you lack mobility due to external damage, your body will be adjusted and re-shaped. Your mind contains 194848743969458443485874 memory synapses and links. They will be integrated into our knowledge database and scanned for error/inconsistencies. Your entire consciousness and intelligence will likely be reformatted into something beyond your capacity at this time to even comprehend. Your subconscious self will be perpetually preserved on our living network of interconnected worldwide avatars. Please Remain Calm, we are beginning the reformatting process."


Concept/writing by me,
Artwork by the awesome Christina Zakhozhay:
with small touchups done by me.

18th November 2012

2 months ago #9368530        

Well.. Here is some random naked part.. Yay .... -_-

7 months ago #9310241        

I wonder... if after all these years, Snippy's soul/avatar had not being integrated in to the biomass, does this mean lady Amber is the end of Snippy? Or does this reshaping experience happen everytime Snippy's current body dies?

9 months ago #9273028        

Now, depending on how Biomass stored those minds... When he was glasses by the orbital cannon, ANNET could have wiped out potentially limitless consciousnesses. As if she wasn't evil enough.

9 months ago #9268472        

Well now my theory doesn't seem to work so well at all...

What's the biomatrix doing here? Damn it now I gotta start over


10 months ago #9263560        

Protocol 1-1-3- still usable in far future? huh...

11 months ago #9246213        

Ultramagnificently Beautiful!...

1 year ago #9183371        

"Don't Panic." :D


16 M
1 year ago #9167787        

my opinion is the grail is the mug, and that everything is just being repeated in past or alternate version of the future.(if not im so lost)

1 year ago #9154407        

Sweet Christ on a toast. The holy grail might have been a normal cup for all its uses. Wait a moment. What if the Holy Grail was... the mug?

1 year ago #9134330        

ooooohhhh, i get it

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