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ENTRY ___101

In the brief greenish light of the dying sun I saw a refraction of a three-eyed cat strangling me with grassy vines. A memory?
No, it felt more like the cat was digging into my mind, trying to find a "permit" or something. What did that cat want?
Preposterous. Green-three-eyed cats do not exist. I've never been strangled with plants. There are no trees left, no grass, no flowers.

I think my mind is rotting. There are no cats in the sun rays.

Only me, and the city of the extinct.
Only me and my imagination.

How long has it been since I last saw another human being?
I cannot recall.
I cannot recall their faces.
Why can't I remember their faces?

All I see is dust and waves of fire.
Unending waves of fire shattering their already broken and twisted bodies into dust.

My brigade fell to the unmentionable horror and since then I've wandered the radioactive desert looking for...
What was I looking for? ...Hope? Other survivors?

I was about to collapse from exhaustion, about ready to give up on it all when a paper fluttered into my mask.

The wings of butterfly that caused a stormy uproar in my soul.

What's this?
A map, drawn by a child's hand?
Is this to be my god-sent, final quest in life?
I dared to dream that it would lead me to a colony of survivors.
Where will this new current take me... I knew not.


Storyboarding, plotting and art by Zerrnichter:

Additional art by Jadeitor:

Minor fixes by me.

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20th August 2012

23 days ago #9368516        

Meow. \ \. _/\/\
\( ^ w ^)
> \
/ /\ \ Beware the cat
/ / \ \

3 months ago #9349146        

That map is fabulous!


17 O
5 months ago #9313937        

Walking dead with "blue tiaras"?

8 months ago #9272526        

A lot of those sy!bold look familiar... Lifebot, Annie's remote assassination ball, Photoshop, an Ice Wraith, and what appears to be a giant Spider and is possibly Biomass. How long has/will Stalky stalk Captain?

10 months ago #9239219        

The unmentionable horror? Is this the same horror that Snippy describes as the "black god"?

12 months ago #9208454        

Is this the backstory of Stalky?

2 years ago #8986889        

There are Zombies from the recent slides on the map. This comic becomes more and more epic with repetition and attention to detail. You can really see the production value here.

2 years ago #8912311        

There's just something about that cat...


17 M
2 years ago #8757623        

I want that map for my wallpaper >.<
@MentalBlanc That's Annie, dear.

2 years ago #8732098        

I think there's a Google Chrome symbol on the map, near the middle...

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