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ENTRY ___0-7

"Good and Evil in Captainland - as elsewhere they occur,
But only here Goodness rules, my dear monsieur!
Very lively stories, on these roads you might meet
Wild imaginations running on long, thin feet!"

Captain was singing softly into my ear, dragging me forward.

Some kind of grayish THING, on ridiculously long legs ran across the road in the fog.

I blinked, and the nightmarish vision vanished.

It was only with the assistance of Captain that I was able to walk forward. My muscles were aching and my face was feeling numb as my feet drowned in the knee deep snow, while Captain's boots, it seemed, barely made an imprint. I filed this fact under my tiredness-related delusion.

Fatigue and lightheadedness made me want to keel over, but Captain was holding me tightly and keeping me upright. Occasionally, Captain also chose to interlock our arms, as if we were a happy couple taking a lovely stroll through the park.

"The Fairy Godmother, where's she off to?
Perhaps someone's wish bills are due!

Captain's song was becoming more absurd.

"Fairy godmothers don't exist..."

I mumbled tiredly.

A silver, winged monstrosity flashed in the sky, highlighted by a lightning bolt.
I felt unease.


Hugs and love to all our DELICIOUS PATRONS

Art Director:

Vitaly S Alexius

7th August 1984

Tagged in Snippy Captain Fairy Centipede
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19 M
1 year ago #9711996        



Amazing remake of the first parts!


14 F
2 years ago #9687939        



I'm starting to love those new journals!
I will miss the audio journals, but since they disappear after some pages, they're not such a good idea, I guess (doesn't change the fact that I loved them so much I know them by heart).
I love every single thing in this webcomic.

But... What's with the date? 1984? :O

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7 months ago #9789214        



That's one terrifying Fairy Godmother

9 months ago #9783262        



I miss the walls of text
Will they return?


14 O
2 years ago #9687952        



skxynka I agree completely

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