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ENTRY ___0-14

I woke up in a hideously uncomfortable vertical position, tied to the billboard. Half of my view was obscured by a blonde wig. The rest of my view was of buildings, stormy clouds and the icy ground far below.

"Awgh, come on!"

I coughed out, trying to shake the dratted wig off my head.

Far off in the distance, I saw a glint of purple-tinted binoculars. I heard Captain shout something towards me that sounded like "IZ ZAT BETTER?"

"G-Damn you!" I swore under my breath, forcefully trying to wiggle out of my bonds, but lets just say this was a horrible idea. My wiggling had not broken the ropes, but in fact had caused the billboard's rusty beam supports to come apart.

Then, the whole structure started to collapse. With a dreadful screech, the billboard, along with my person, detached itself from the metal framework and plummeted downwards.

I lost count of how many times up became down as the billboard flipped and flopped, falling, catching on numerous balconies, twisting, shaking and losing jagged pieces of metal and plastic.

I saw the ground closing in.


Hugs and love to all our DELICIOUS PATRONS

Art Director:

Vitaly S Alexius

14th August 1984

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I claim Zee Captain. That's what Snippy gets from being a killjoy

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I claim Snippy! comment your favourite character so far :)

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Danker finds this page to be DANK

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I must say, the black outs with Minerva, the young woman who ogled me from up close, were generally never this dramatic, more mildly amusing with a dash of confusion.


17 M
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I am here to repopulate the commentsection, since its population got wiped out after its recent update!
Do as I do fellow readers!

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